Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reflections Post 2013! Blogging from A to Z!


It was good.

It was fun.

It was long.

And, it's over. :)

I have lots of people to thank.

To Alex J. Cavanaugh! Not only did he pick me to be a Ninja Minion this year (squee!) BUT he came to see Stormy every single day AND then humbled us by choosing us during his awesome Ninja theme for the A to Z Challenge! He says the nicest things about us, using my almost favorite show in the whole wide world (Shiny!), and we really love him for it! Go check it out!

Most of the pictures for this year's theme were taken last year. We were able to enjoy some of the nicest places thanks to my brother, Peter, and his wife, Katie (my seester). Katie's family owns the house on the shore in NJ, which thankfully didn't get too much damage from Hurricane Sandy, and they own the house on the lake in NJ. We also took photographs in their own home and of their black cat, Ninja. We are very thankful to all of them for sharing with us.

To Tara Tyler! Not only did she mention Stormy and I on her blog during the challenge BUT she made me the cool Gnarly Gnome picture on the right side of my blog! By the way, her new book, Pop Travel, is going to be released in July!

To all my wonderful visitors! I'd like to thank all of you and your awesome comments for the whole month.

To my son! I use all your stuff in my photos. Thanks.

To my husband! You sure put up with a lot. Thanks. 

This was my third year in the challenge, second with Stormy. I still enjoy myself. It's not hard work, just time consuming

My results weren't terribly noticeable. I didn't see a huge rise in followers or comments during the month.

I did visit with lots of blogs during my minion duties and through other blogger mentions. There are some really talented people out there and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

So, that's about it. I think. If I missed something feel free to mention it.

How do you feel about the challenge?


  1. I enjoyed the challenge as always, but I think this year was the last time I joined.

    Still, we'll see next year. :-D

  2. I love your poem at the beginning. It really covers it all in just a few words. Love the picture from Tara. She is awesome. I enjoyed Stormy. Thanks.


  3. I feel more tired this year than last, but I had a lot of fun writing and visiting other blogs. I always loved starting the day with Stormy; thanks for that!

  4. Really appreciated you being one of my minions! My team rocked. And of course I was going to visit Stormy every day. He's the Gnome!
    Tara's picture is really cool.
    I didn't gain a ton of new followers either, but that wasn't my goal.
    Glad you had a good time! Will Stormy be back next year?

  5. It was my first, and I loved it. And I HEART Stormy :)

    Now I'm taking a break.

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  8. Sorry typing errors I do need a new keyboard.

    I am sure there are many tales to tell of Stormy yet. I will say he does not look a day older than the first day I saw him.

    Well done

    Rob Z Tobor


  9. I really enjoyed it and I was a lot calmer the second time around. I think you did amazing and now fast approaching 400 followers. Come on, that is great!

  10. Oh Stormy, I miss you already! I got my garden mulched this weekend and my gnomey insists it is far too boring of a place for him to hang!

  11. Congratulations on finishing A to Z! Visiting, Following & Inviting you to my blog. Looking forward to 2014

  12. yay! its over! and thanks for your shout out =)

    as for your iwsg post, Woohoo!!!
    sooooo excited for you!! cant wait for a non nudy cover ;)

    and micael crichton was a genius with those lines. i miss him!

  13. Misha - I know what you're saying. April seemed to have so much going on. Thanks for the visit.

    Rhonda - Thanks so much! Stormy enjoys all the attention.

    Dana - Well, that means a lot. That's why we do it!

    Alex - Thank you, sir! Will Stormy be back? That's a great question.

    Carol - He HEARTS you too! Thank you!

    Rob Z - He is aging well! Thanks for coming!

    Murees - Thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by!

    Andrea - He will be visiting here and there. You just never know!

    Kate - Thanks for coming by today!

    Tara - YEAH!!! No, thank you! I miss MC too. He was a brilliant story teller.

    Thanks everyone!

  14. Your posts with Stormy were so cute.

    I didn't gain a ton of new followers, but I'm pretty much to the point of all I can handle. Okay, I'm beyond that point.

  15. My gnome wants to know if your gnome is seeing anyone. Congrats on finishing the challenge.

  16. I had fun. Didn't notice a huge rise in followers or comments, but that's okay. I did find lots of new blogs to read, though, darn it! ;)

  17. L. Diane - Thank you! You can handle just about anything.

    PTM - Well, I'll ask him. :)

    Mel - I know. But there were some great blogs out there.

    Thanks guys,

  18. Your posts were awesome! The Challenge was great this year even though I didn't get to as many new blogs as I wanted. Yet I think that could be done over the next few months when I have more time.

  19. Congrats! you did a great job of surviving and thriving during the AZ.I enjoyed your posts a lot :)

  20. Awww. Thanks guys! I love all of Stormy's fans!

    Thank you!


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