Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IWSG - Not a people person, I am.

Have I ever mentioned how much I don't like people?

Well, I like you guys.

I guess I should rephrase, slightly.

I don't like people in person.

I mean, it's kind of why I'm a writer.

But, Heather, WTF are you talking about?

Marketing and Promotion.

In order to get and keep my book out there the more I must promote myself the more I must speak to people.


As I explained to my husband, the thought of going out and talking to people about my book or having a book signing, when paper books would be available, sends waves of anxiety all through me.

I'm so much cooler behind this computer screen.

IRL, I'm just an old mom who wears jeans and sneakers to everything she can get away with and forgets sometimes to check her appearance in the bathroom mirror before she gets in her truck.


And, it's not like I've never stood behind a table to sell things before. Put some raffle tickets in my hand and I'll blow your ear drums out.

But, that's different. I'm not sure why.

Sooner or later, it's going to happen. I'll have to put on my big girl pants and get it done.

Until then...I'll be on my couch.

Thank you, Alex J. Cavanaugh for this great outlet. Check out more insecurities or inspirations HERE.


So, what's going on this month?

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This week: Dragon movies!
How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup: [about the dragons] Everything we know about you guys is wrong.


  1. i used to like people, now it's a smaller group in my circle... i wanted to like everybody, sadly i cannot. people just suck... not you you are a-okay...

  2. I feel the same way. I am great behind the computer screen but put me in a crowd to talk about me - not so much. I choke. I can talk about anything else, just not me.

  3. How to Train Your Dragon! Excellent choice.
    I'm with you - personal appearances are not my thing. Just have to suck it up and smile. And take a supporter along, someone else who can say good things about your book.

  4. I agree. Putting yourself out there is so tough, and I AM a people person. But it's part of the game. Just not an enjoyable part.

  5. A lot of writers are introverts. It's true and there's nothing wrong with it.

  6. I feel the exact same way. I'm so much more confident behind the computer. I can't even tell people what my book is about without lowering my head and stammering.

  7. I feel the exact same way. When I get to the point where I'll have to market and promote my book, I'll be hiding under my desk.

    Because, like what Sarah said, I can't even tell people about my book without looking at the floor and stammering and then quickly changing the subject.

  8. Great post! I totally feel your pain. :)

  9. I can definitely relate to this!

  10. Oh boy can I relate to this - especially since it's something I'm going to have to do, too. Yikes!

  11. I am also not a people person but like you I absoltuely adorae the writers I meet through blogging. I'm personally so far away from a published book that book signing isn't even something I day dream but I can imagine your anxiety at such a prospect. I would think, though, it's comforting to know that anyone who would go your signing is someone who already really likes you- otherwise why would they want you to sign their book?

    I'm participating in the Thrill of it All at the end of the month. no idea what thrilling sotry i'm going to write yet, but I'll figure it out.

  12. Okay, so when you do a book signing, have something cool to raffle off, stick some raffle tickets in your hand and there ya go. ;)

  13. I'm definitely not a people person - the idea of doing writer events in person fills me with terror! But I'm going to have to face up to it eventually...

  14. Jeremy - Ha! Thanks. I think. No, wait, yes, thanks. :)

    Elsie - Exactly. Thanks for coming by.

    Alex - That's not a bad idea. Thanks, Alex!

    Nancy - Yeah, the game is rigged. :)

    M. J. - From your lips to the universe's ears!

    Sarah - Lots of agreement in the comments today.

    M.J. - Wow. I'm feeling better cause we all feel the same way. Is that weird?

    celeste - Thank you! I better start keeping score!

    Dana - I'm glad it's not just me!

    mshatch - Yeah, I'll let you know how it turns out when I have to start doing it!

    Beverly - Can't wait to see your entry for the blogfest! Thanks for coming!

    Mel - Now, that's thinking! Thanks!

    Emma - If I can do it, we can all do it!

    Thanks for all the comments!

  15. You sound just like me. I suppose it's not unusual for writers to dislike publicity. I guess we have to get used to it.

  16. Hey Heather,

    You shall work through this. I know that when I confront my anxieties, I'm pleasantly surprised. You see, despite my somewhat outrageous demeanour, I'm a virtual recluse. Yet, when I go out, challenge my insecurities, bizarrely perhaps, I make everybody smile and laugh. You're going to be just fine.

    I'm also delusional. I thought "IWSG" meant, "I Was Seeking Gary". Sigh. LOL :)

  17. I'm sooo with you. Luckily, I live in Egypt, so no one expects me to go book signings or conferences. But people have asked me to Skype. I deliberately don't upgrade my dinosaur laptop, since it has no camera. I don't even phone people if I can text or email. Yup, I definitely plan to remain behind the curtain. :-)

  18. You can do it! Just channel a lot of energy. And don't sit at the table - interact with people and hand out bookmarks to everyone you see.

  19. Aloha Heather,

    IRL I'm from IRL (known also as Ireland:) but I bet once you get past the initial ugh! you'll be fine... Talk up your book and if all else fails, ask questions :)

    PS: Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my recent D-Day post.

    CSM Ryan's story has received an incredible amount of support.

    A special *Thank you* to DL Hammons - and all the Blitzers :)

    Bill said to let everyone know he really appreciates all the personal comments directed his way :)

  20. I schmooze strangers and talk before large groups for my day job and it's no big whoop. But envisioning "selling" my book to folks gives me the collywobbles. Though the idea of doing a public reading doesn't, simply because I adore the sound of my own voice. :-D
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