Friday, June 21, 2013

Please, Mr. Coffee Pot, have enough for one more cup....

Will someone please remove the revolving door from my brain today? I can't get anything done! I start on something and the next thing I know I'm standing in another room wondering what I was going to do!

And, I'm old, but not that freakin' old!

I can't even blame it on meds cause I haven't had to take much lately.

I know, I'll blame it on lack of coffee. I've only had one cup of coffee today.

10 after 11:00am? WTF? The BOY will be getting off the bus on his last day of school for the year in 20 minutes!

And, I haven't done a damn thing yet this morning.


Well, I wrote a book last year when he was home, I will just have to try and do it again this year. :)

Speaking of thrilling adventures...

(see that, see how I did that)

...Have you signed up for The Thrill of it All Blogfest?

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Tara Tyler and I want to know about your biggest thrill, but if you're too shy to share one of your own, share one of your buddies thrills from any of your stories!

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  1. You can write while he's home! I know you can.
    Still don't know what I am doing for the blogfest. I might need help...

  2. I'm all ready for the blogfest! Have a great weekend.

  3. I hope you can finish your book. I know you can do it. Just get lots of chocolate and coffee and I am sure you will be fine. See you at the blogfest.

  4. The kids here have been out of school for over three weeks.

    I have mornings like that. Just one more cup of coffee and maybe my brain will start working.

  5. I hear you. I woke up early so I could do chores and have enough time to work on my WIP outline. It's 8 hours later, only half the chores done, can't organize my thoughts for the WIP, and why did I go into the kitchen again?? :P

  6. aww! well, you wrote this post =)
    i liked the previous one too

    love that you write at practice, me too!
    yay for football coming soon
    sick of this baseball season!

  7. The kids around here got out of school a couple of days ago. The neighborhood is much louder now...

    And I have lots of days when I start one thing only to get distracted by something else, which gets delayed when I get distracted by yet another thing.

  8. It's nice to know I'm not alone out there!


  9. I can relate. I didn't get anything done yesterday. I think my brain was on vacation mode, which is annoying, because I'm not actually on vacation. ugh.

  10. nutschell - It's so true. The brain shouldn't be able to go on vacation w/o notice.



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