Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brains missing...reward if found!

Remember back a while ago when I was an awesomely talented and incredibly confident writer?

Yeah, me neither.

I feel like a zombie!


I don't gotz none!

This week has passed me by and I'm not writing, I'm not posting, I'm not blogging and I'm not reading.

I'm like ... mortal!

Let's hope its temporary insanity!

I'm going to go find some brains, hopefully my own, and some coffee and get my shit in gear.

How are things with all of you?


  1. If zombies got your brain, hope you like it chewed.

  2. I know the feeling. And now I'm thinking about The Walking Dead. I need some good zoning out TV!

  3. Thanks for the laugh---now where is that darned brain? I took it out to play with it, and can't remember where I put it!

  4. I feel like this right now. I have a newborn and I go back to work next week!

  5. Thanks Heather for the loud ad boisterous laughs! My kids love the pics too!

    Take a bit of time off from blogging and recalibrate. I do it to the tune of a couple months a year, broken up into smaller pieces.

  6. I think I "haz teh dumb" every day. I write as little as possible. I put cute pics on my blog (but not nearly as cute as these!), instead of writing "meaningful posts." Maybe I could put pics in my ms and have it count as words...a picture is worth 1000 words, right? I'd have an ms done in no time!! :-)

  7. I'm not writing either. Unless it's a sarcastic haiku, and those just don't count.

  8. Lol! Love the pictures. Summer seems to be having this affect on people. I got almost nothing done in June. :-P

  9. thats too many stupid cats! ha!

    benefits of being brainless, zombies will leave you alone!
    happy friday!

  10. So, I'm not the only one! That's good to know.

    You guys are probably right, it's got to be summer!

    Lexa! I love this idea!

    Thanks for coming.


  11. The little gray cells need a respite every now and again. Plus, you've been busy with a book release, maybe you've been running yourself really ragged and your brain's all, "Now, hold up, girl. Let's kick back and watch some Big Bang Theory." Or similar. Chillax, yo. It's summer and whatnot.
    Some Dark Romantic


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