Monday, July 1, 2013

Rainy days & #DFRAT



For the next thirty days, Book Binge, Tracy’s Place, RR@H Novel Thoughts and The Book Reading Gals will be celebrating all things published digitally first with fantastic excerpts, giveaways and loads of reviews for the books that they’re reading for the DIGITAL FIRST READ-A-THON.
The Digital First Read-A-Thon is a month long reading adventure where you read as many books that were published in digital format-first as possible.  There are a lot of books that have been released in e-format before they were released in print and these are the books that they’re spotlighting.

To start things off, Crimson Romance is giving away One Kindle Fire loaded w/ all books published by Crimson their first year (thru 7/15). Yep, you read that right.  Crimson Romance is giving away a Kindle Fire loaded with over 200 books!  Click here for contest details!
Crimson Romance is also offering all of their e-books for $1.99 through the month of July on Amazon. This is an excellent opportunity to load up your Kindle for the DFRAT!!

This giveaway ends July 15, so be sure to enter before then.


I know that my publisher, Front Porch Romance, will also be participating in this month long event. I'll share more info when I have it.


Carnival is over. I may have mushrooms growing between my toes. We had rain just about every night. It's supposed to rain again all this week, too. Fun.


I need to get back to writing this week.

I have some hand written pages in my notebook that need to be typed into the computer. I was watching my husband play softball when inspiration struck.


My heart, hardly mended from the last tragedy, now breaks again for the 19 firefighters that lost their lives fighting a wildfire in Arizona. My heart aches for their families that will have to forge on without them.


  1. Terrible about those firefighters.
    We've had nothing but rain here. My pastor said he'd building an ark, just in case.

  2. Very sad about the firefighters.

    And nothing but rain in the MWV, too. Good thing I have a kayak...I'm going to need it soon.

    Have fun drinking coffee and making stuff up. Isn't being a writer great?

  3. pure sadness... my thoughts to those families...
    ----- two separate thoughts-------
    more coffee please, roll the bones!

  4. you really feel their pain, i know. always thinking of others!
    my prayers are headed their way too.

    and on a positive note, way to write! glad you got some inspiration!

  5. So sick of tragedy occurring at every corner :(

    We went from uncomfortably hot to where the heck did all of this rain come from and do we need a boat?

    I'm telling you, the South is beyond inconsistent with weather.

  6. Been watching the story of the firefighters-- my heart goes out to their families.

    Good you got some inspiration tho, I'm myself typing out some pages I wrote in a notebook after a longish time.

  7. I was sad to hear about the lost firefighters, too. :(

    Neat celebration. If I add too many more e-books to my Kindle, it'll explode. LOL


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