Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday is here and I've got some news to share!

Happy Friday one and all.

Not much going on with me except a serious lack of writing and football practice.

Thanks for all the encouragement about the radio interview. It actually went fairly well.


Above is the link to my interview. It's about 40 minutes of me saying...'ummmm'.

If you choose to listen I recommend making it a drinking game. 1 shot per 'ummmm'. You'll be loaded before the end. :)

The best part of the interview was when my publisher mentioned that Maguire's Corner would be released in paperback mid-September! YEAH!!!

I'm pretty sure holding my actual book in my actual hand is going to be really freakin' awesome.


Two other quick things I'd like to share.

If you are on Goodreads, and you hate trolls, I recommend you sign this PETITION. Recently an author, Lauren Pippa, was bullied from even releasing her book due to trolls on Goodreads.

Also, authors David Powers King and Michael Jensen's novel, Woven, was cancelled DAYS before it's release date because of small-minded losers from their publisher. If you're all for equality, maybe you could send them some support HERE.


Before I go...

This is a great song, with explicit lyrics, called 'Lift Me Up' from Five Finger Death Punch.

I find it inspirational.

Don't laugh, I do!

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's awesome about the paperback release! I'm pretty sure holding it will be pretty freakin' awesome for you, too.

    Upsetting about Lauren Pippa and David and Michael's stories. They have my support.

  2. I still have your review bookmarked and will listen this weekend. Might try the drinking game with half shots though. Cool they let everyone know it'll be in paperback soon.

  3. That's great news about your book! It's one thing to have your ebook out, but another thing to be able to sniff your own book. I mean, hold it, caress the pages. Okay, I like the smell of books! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. it's a skippy day... some good some great and some... bad.

  5. Yes, holding your own book in your hands is a surreal experience. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. :D

  6. Awesome! Getting to hold your book in your hands is going to be wonderful. :) Congratulations!

  7. Congrats! So exciting to have your book out in a tangible format. :-)

    Signed the petition.

  8. Congratulations on your paperback being released! I'm excited for you!


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