Monday, August 26, 2013

I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES and Giveaway News!!!

It's just not fair! All these brand new school supplies and none of them are for ME!!!

What's with that?

Okay, so maybe I have a few little items hidden on the side for myself! (he he he) Some new pens and some one subject notebooks.  

LOVE new pens and new notebooks!

Okay, I'm good, breathing in and out and done.


I'm here and gone today. I'm desperate to find all my mistakes in Maguire's Corner and get them fixed before it's in print.


Nancy S. Thompson is having a Facebook 1,000 Likes Giveaway! Check it!

Nancy S. Thompson
"30 authors, 25 ebooks, 4 signed paperbacks, plus gift cards & swag! But first I have to get 1000 likes. Spread the word & let's get this going!"

Who is participating?
Nancy S. Thompson
Alison G. Bailey
Mel Ballew
Stacy Borel
Carrie Butler
Kristine Cayne

Barbara Cutrera
Dana Delamar
Chelsea Falin

Heather M. Gardner - (That's me!) 
Jaime Guerard
MK Harkins

Julie Hartnett
Laura Howard
AL Jackson

Bayli Lane
Cassie Mae
Dana Mason
Lisa Regan

Julie A. Richman
A.L. Zaun
Tricia Zoeller Oh and Stacy Bailey Darnell at Literary Mania Reviews is kicking in multiple ebook copies of Gail McHugh's COLLIDE! 

Make sure you 'LIKE' her Author page HERE!!!

See you Wednesday!


  1. If I was on Facebook, I would like her page!

  2. I want new school supplies too! Yay for Nancy! It's an awesome giveaway.

  3. I go crazy when I see piles of spiral bound notebooks!

  4. Alex - I know it! It would just be one more time suck for you. Thanks for coming by.

    Christine - I know! They're so great. Nancy is doing a hell of a job!

    L. Diane - I want it all!


  5. I love school supplies, too. I took my niece shopping today and we went to the office supply store. I think I ended up with more pens and notebooks than she did.

  6. I love school supplies. There's something special about brand new notebooks. :)
    And your back to school poster made me laugh out loud!

  7. I just did my "back to school" shopping today (I don't have any kids, so it was all for me!!!) It's a great time of year. I just did some math and found out I bought enough paper and notebooks for over 900,000 words worth of writing, and it only cost $15.


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