Wednesday, August 7, 2013

IWSG - Un-Faith-Full.

Insecure Writers Support Group

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Hi, my name is Heather.

[Hello, Heather]

Today I would like to talk about faith.

No, not that kind of faith.

Faith in ourselves.

Why do we wholeheartedly believe the little voice in our heads that says we can't do something and ignore the MANY LOUD voices outside our heads that say we CAN do something?

Even when we accomplish something we don't believe we can do it again.

That little voice needs to be shot, strangled, poisoned, stabbed and drowned!

That's all I've got for today.

Thanks for listening.

Anyone want coffee?


  1. Belief in ourselves is so important. Crush those negative voices!

  2. Pass on the coffee but feel free to shoot the little voice.

  3. I agree, that little voice needs to be shot.

  4. I can always count on smiling when I read one of your posts.

  5. Hey Heather,

    Those loud voices that shout encouragement and support, have faith in you. I know you take that inspiration and then listen to your inner child. The inner child has much wisdom.

    And no, I'm not going to mention that I thought "IWSG" meant, "I Was Seeking Gary." LOL

    Um, Gary :)

  6. Very funny!

    I'd like a non-fat vanilla latte if you have any. ;)

    Great IWSG posting!

    Kim Lajevardi
    (This Writer's Growing)

  7. I have faith in myself... sometimes, but it's the faith I place in others that I find so often disappoints.

    One of the reasons I removed all my poetry, short stories and flash fiction from my blog. Sad day.

    Basically, fo rme, along with faith in yourself I think it is also vital to look long and hard into the very core of your being. Look into those dark recesses where the nasty stuff is, and face it full on. It may not be nice, it sure as hell won't be fun. But what it does do for you is give you your own coat of armour; for knowing everything from your darker side means that it can never be turned against you, because you've faced it, stuck a leash on it and have it whipped. It-can't-hurt-you!

    And here's the more challenging part - love yourself. Not that, 'Ohhh, I'm so gorrrgeous', in the mirror kind of thing. I'm referring to the very essence of your being, that part of you that shines a light that others don't see, but 'feel' and are drawn to. The thing that puts you back in touch with the true you.

    We can't have all goodness and light without a balance of the darker side of our personalities - everything is about balance, ying and yang, light and dark.

    Know yourself and be at peace, and stop worrying about what others think. Life is for living, not worrying. Liberate yourself and revel in the freedom.

    Thanks for stopping by, Heather. I think I'm going to enjoy being here :)

  8. Coffee would be great thanks :)
    Yes, that voice over my shoulder needs to be throttled, in particular today.

  9. Nancy - Thanks for stopping in!

    Suzanne - CRUSHING!!!

    Alex - On it!

    Murees - No problem!

    Wendy - Thank you! Nice to see you!

    Gary - I was Seeking you!

    Kim - Thank you and thanks for coming.

    Mark - Wow. Thank you. Great comments. Thank you for coming.

    macabrebutsweet - Love this name by the way! Thanks so much. I'll be throttling soon!

    L. Diane - Yes, yes we do!


  10. I'm a pessimist at heart; a glass half empty kinda gal. Guess those nay-saying voices are loud.

    Its wine time in my world. But I know what you mean. Keep up the faith in yourself. You deserve the kudos.


  11. That's where it starts, doesn't it?
    Great post. :)

    August co-host and IWSG #110

  12. Hi Heather,
    I wandered over thanks to the IWSG list. Those voices are always so very loud. It's almost as if we KNOW we are capable of great things, but instead of listening to the part of us that confirms that, we focus on those demeaning voices, the ones that swear we're worthless and our words are pointless. If I ever figure out a way to dispel those evil voices, I'll let you know. Until then, write on and bring on the coffee!!


  13. I think it's in Pretty Woman that she says, "It's easier to believe the bad stuff." Don't know why it's true, but it sure is!

  14. Karen - Yeah, I knew I wasn't alone. :)

    Donna - Mmmm. Wine time. That sounds nice!

    Melissa - Thank you. Thanks for coming.

    Jen - Hi! We must keep writing!

    Rachel - Yes, I thought of that quote while I wrote this post!

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!

  15. Have manage to eliminate that little voice, well most of the time, with the help of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. Well worth a read. :0)

  16. Tea please:)
    The little voice has been nagging me all summer but I think I have finally knocked it out, for awhile anyway.
    Faith in ourselves is not something that is always there we need to refill it every now and then.
    This post is a great reminder!

  17. You crack me up!! I say poison the little bugger!!

  18. I forgot to place an order for my drink; hot chocolate please, with whipped cream (artificial - yum!) and a flake, plus marshmallow pieces and a dusting of chocolate powder.

    No straw. :D

  19. i hear ya!
    write him into the story, torture him, then kill him off! thatll teach him!

    yay for football distractions!

  20. being myself/yo'self is sometimes a scary thing... it's the voices that make me the most nervous.

    i want coffee...

  21. So many people would like the coffee before they tackle the nasty little voice. It's very important to snuff out that negative voice and remember you can do more than you ever imagined.

  22. The little voice has a Napoleon complex. lol good post.

  23. Heather, I just noticed you were recently nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging award. I nominated you again, so I understand if you choose not to accept, but I hope that you do. Happy Weekend.

  24. Carole Anne – Sounds interesting! Thanks for coming.

    Doreen – I hope you beat it down good!

    Donna – Thanks! I’m workin’ on it!

    Mark K. – Sound delicious! It’ll be right up!

    Tara – Ah-Ha! That might be the ticket!

    Jeremy – I can’t believe anything makes you nervous!

    Deanie – Snuffing is in progress! Thank you!

    Brandon – You have a great name! Errrr…I hate the French! 

    Deanie – Awww. How cool of you to do that! Thank you!



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