Friday, November 1, 2013

Best Halloween costume of 2013?

So, what's the best costume that you saw this year?

Of course, I'm going to say my son, DJ, was pretty darn cute. You actually pump 'blood' through the clear chest piece. It's awesome.

Okay, maybe he's not too cute in this photo.

How about this one?

Zombies Never Quit. If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em.
This is what he wore to school Thursday. Kids were allowed to wear costumes but trying to comply with the list of rules just wasn't worth my time.


Best costume I saw was the outfit Buffy the Vampire Slayer wore at the end of the original Buffy movie worn by a young teen.

Do you remember that outfit? The white dress that Buffy had to tear the bottom off of and Pike's black leather jacket? This girl even had the white laced boots and the handbag to put stakes in. It was awesome.

I would have grabbed a picture but I didn't want to seem like a stalker. She was just really happy that I recognized her outfit. The mother said she was a big hit at NY Comic Con this year.


I saw this guy at the Halloween store.

I didn't bring him home cause Stormy's such a DIVA but I thought he was pretty damn funny.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Happy football weekend!





  1. Stormy have enough competition with Sparks?
    Your kid looks great! Blood pumps through the chest? That is just wicked.

  2. I didn't even see the Buffy costume, but I covet it.

    DJ's costume is awesome. I had a trick-or-treater who wore something similar. No blood pumping through the chest piece though.

  3. Your son had a cool costume. We didn't pass out anything this year, so I didn't get to see any costumes. We chilled with homemade pizza and a scary movie.

  4. Gads! Evil twin Stormy!!!!! Cool chest plate and adorable little man!

  5. Hang on; what was Stormy's costume?????

    PS: Dig your son's t-shirt!

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