Friday, January 17, 2014

Good news, more good news & even MORE good news + THE COFFEE HOP!


My apologies to Michael Di Gesu at the In Time blog! I totally forgot my coffee post!

This is actually part of a post I did for the A to Z April Challenge back in 2011.

What's that? You didn't know I had a thang for coffee? You thought I was only fixated on chocolate?

Well, mostly chocolate but, I can not live without coffee.

I. Need. It. Every. Day.

Coffee is a true adventure in our home.

We have regular coffee that we make every day.

But, then we have our 'cool' coffee because we like to try new stuff all the time.

We love all kinds of coffee: German, Kona, Columbian, Espresso, Morning Blends. All so yummy good.

So, that's my story.
I love coffee.
I crave coffee.
I want coffee.
I need coffee.

As some unknown author said...a morning without coffee is like sleep.


What a difference a few days can make! I have been floundering but then today ... more like halibut. 


Okay, here is the good news.

I have a guest post on Danielle-Claude Indie Book Reviews today talking about Maguire's Corner. It includes a great excerpt from the book about the cold weather in January!


Here is the more good news!

My publisher decided to give away a paperback copy of Maguire's Corner on Goodreads! YEAH! Go enter today!!


Here is the even MORE good news!!

I finished book 2.

It wasn't pretty and I looked like this a lot...

But, it's done.

I'm currently calling it: One Good Catch.

I've been letting it sit before I go back and read the end over again.

I'm hoping it will still makes sense.

And then ... DUH DUH DUH ... editing begins.

Lucky for me, I do a lot of editing while I write but there is always more to do.

So...thanks for sticking with me and listening to me when I wrote myself into a corner and encouraging me when I was frustrated. 

You guys are the best.


  1. Congrats on all counts!

  2. Fantastic, congratulations. Hope the editing goes to plan :)

  3. Writing yourself into a corner is terrifying. Writing yourself out of it, brilliant!

  4. Happy for all your good news and finishing #2.

  5. Congrats, Heather....

    I'm happy to hear all is finally going well!

    Missed you at the hop today... I was looking forward to your entry.

  6. You've even got coffee on your book cover! hey, I've been so blog slacky lately, I didn't even know about your book. Congratulations!!!

  7. Thanks for the visit and comments everyone!

    Going to get some more coffee.



  8. Woo-hoo! Congratulations on finishing book 2. Can't wait to read it! I entered the giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You're so full of news today! I commented on your cold weather scene on Danielle-Claude's, and congrats on finishing book 2!! And your post on Michael's blog hop has made me decide to go make coffee right you'll have to excuse me...

  10. Hi, Heather...

    Thanks for posting! GREAT PICS! And your words are succinct and to the point. HORRAY FOR COFFEE...

    CHOCOLATE is right up there with it!... HEY, MAYBE a CHOCOLATE HOP should be next. Hmmmm... Delicious thought. LOL.

  11. Good luck with the editing.

    And I love Emperor Kuzco.

  12. Thanks for the comments, guys!

    You're the best!


  13. Good luck with One Good Catch! It's a great feeling to reach that milestone of finishing a book.


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