Monday, June 30, 2014

And just like that, its Monday again.

Seems kind of quiet around here compared to last week with all the cover reveals and book releases and such!

It was a lot of fun. Thanks for joining us.

I'm so glad that I can help out my blog friends even just a little.

Not much to report today.

Had the fire department carnival from Wednesday to Saturday last week.

Still in recovery mode. Standing and hawking for a few days does take its toll.

Was completely over-served on Friday night after carnival.

Got another rejection for MC2 Saturday.

Signed the BOY up for a summer scouts program. I have no idea what that means, but I guess between that and football practice, which starts next month, he will have something to do other than bother me all summer long.

I'm very honored to be co-hosting Wednesday's Insecure Writer's Support Group! Here is a note from Sir Alex himself!

Our next post date is Wednesday, July 2.
Based on feedback from members, some suggestions:
* Short posts, 300 words or less
* Remove word verification (you’d be surprised how many have it on and don’t know it)
* Return comments and visit those who visit you
The list is culled every month, removing those who miss two months in a row. We hate to cut anyone, but this improves the experience for those who do participate. You are always welcome to sign up again when you’re ready!
I can’t visit everyone (no matter how hard I try!) and appreciate the assistance of my co-hosts. For July 2, they are –
Krista McLaughlin -
Heather M. Gardner -
We are also trying to get the IWSG on the Writers Digest Best 101 Websites list! Please email them at, subject line 101 Websites, and suggest the IWSG -

See you back here on Wednesday!


  1. Glad you survived the carnival. And now you might get some peace and quiet for a while.
    Glad you are co-hosting on Wednesday!!

  2. Like Alex, I am also glad you survived the carnival and are co-hosting IWSG this month. Yay!

    Sorry about the rejection. Hang in'll get the good news soon.

  3. I'm sorry about the rejection. Keep on trying. You're a fantastic writer.

  4. Thank you for co-hosting! Sorry about the rejection, keep at it! :)

  5. Hey Heather, glad you got some summer carnival action. Rejections suck and that's why we need support groups!


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