Monday, June 2, 2014

Patience. I could use some of that today.


How are you guys?

Pretty good here.

Just for fun the other day I took out the first manuscript that I ever actually finished and started to read it.


It's awful!

Funny, when I sent it out into the world a few years ago, I thought it was the best thing EH-VAH!

I did a little patch work on the fist chapter. I don't know how involved I want to get with it right now.

I'm supposed to be concentrating on getting book 2 out and starting on book 3 of the Maguire's Corner series.

I got one Full request on MC2 (yeah!), but I haven't heard anything from the requester since.

Anyone have any extra patience they could let me borrow?

I'd appreciate it.

How about you guys?

Ever read your old writing? Were you surprised?


  1. You can have my patience. I never use it. =)

    And I do a lot of cringing whenever I look back my old writing.

    That's awesome about the Full on MC2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...

  2. One of these days, I'm going to go back to WIP #1 and see if it's salvageable. I'm not looking forward to that. *wrinkles nose and shakes head*

    Take heart. We all have those moments. ;)

  3. Some of my old writing is horrible, and some of it is more simple and honest than I am now.


  4. My early writing is beyond horrible.
    And I'm with you at the moment in the waiting-to-hear-and-feeling-very-impatient boat. ;-)

  5. I've found the best way to be patient when waiting for a response is to throw yourself into working on something else. Then you have another iron in the fire too.

    I like going back and re-reading my old stuff. It's interesting to see how I've evolved over time. :)

  6. Sorry Heather, but I could use some extra patience myself.

    Congrats on the request.

  7. good luck on waiting. Just read stuff I wrote last week and it's horrible. Hate to go back more than a year. But I'm my own worst critic. Have a good day!

  8. Congrats on the full request!

    I'd lend you some patience if I had any to spare, but I'm using all of mine on waiting for feedback on my latest manuscript, haha. Oddly enough, that manuscript is actually a rewrite of the first novel I wrote, with some pretty major changes! I like to reuse ideas if they aren't working in one book.

  9. I feel ya'. Sometimes it physically hurts to read my old work. And it makes me wonder if what I'm writing right now will look this bad in another five years.

    Erin @ <a href="”>Raised Reading</a>

  10. I feel your pain on rereading old writing.

    What inevitably happens when I clear out old boxes or notebooks is I get distracted reading something I've written before. It quite often starts off well and I get really into what I'm reading, thinking 'this isn't too bad' and then something happens which totally pulls me out of it and I can't help but cringe.

    Then I want to get out a fresh notebook and start rewriting it, rather than finishing whatever tidying I'd started before I found the old story. ;-)


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