Monday, November 3, 2014

Huh. Monday's over? Huh.

I have a list of crap I have to get through today. This blog post is on the list. It should've been higher up, apparently. I just realized that the day is almost over!

I promised a picture of The BOY from Halloween.

Is it irony that the two best pictures I got of him in his SWAT COP outfit were while he was eating donuts?

He had a good time, but the husband and I thought it was pretty dead out on the streets this year. And not like zombie-dead, just not a lot of kids out and about.


On the writing front...
I'm waiting on more edits from the editor for book two.

Book three is not getting as much attention as it should be.

Book one has a new case I forgot to mention it here.

The title, Already Home, won by popular vote. Thanks for the input.


What are you guys doing this month?

Are you NaNoWriMo-ing?

I tried that last year. EPIC FAIL. When I tried to tell myself to write a certain amount each day, I drew a blank. I can't even take instructions from myself!


  1. Heather!
    Welcome to Monday.
    Maybe SWAT is like policemen - better with donuts?
    Good name choice.

  2. I considered NaNo, and then I got another book to edit. Go, me! The boy is cute. Did you steal him?


  3. Enjoyed your blog decided I would like to be a follower.

  4. Cute photos of your little boy!
    I know what you mean about the Nano resistance thing, but I am doing Nano anyway. I don't expect to "win" but it does help me get writing.

  5. Donuts are delicious, that's why he's eating one in every photo.

    I'd like to try NaNo some day. The timing is just never good.

  6. I like his costume! And I'm surprised that there weren't more trick-or-treaters out and about; trick-or-treating is one of the things I miss about childhood, especially because adults don't get to trick-or-treat. (True, we can buy our own candy, but it's not the same.)

  7. Love the pics!
    (I want that doughnut!) :D

    I'm trying to write. Was doing great for a while, then life barged in. Grumble...


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