Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just a quick hello!

I miss you guys!

I feel like I haven't spoken to you in days!

Oh, right. Cause I haven't! 


Hope last week wasn't too boring with all those awesome book tour stops and flashy cover reveals!


I'm still editing OGC. I might be doing this for the rest of my life. It would help if I didn't fight the edits so hard, but its just in my nature to be stubborn.


Here's a quick survey question...

How do you handle your editor changing your dialogue?


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Got to go.
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. I usually agree with my editors unless they want to make a change that changes the meaning.

  2. Hope all goes well for you Heather,
    Take care,

  3. I had a beta reader suggest a change to a line of dialogue. At first, my head exploded, but once I put it back together, we discussed his reasons and my reasons and eventually came to an agreement: I was right.

    But I'm not always. Or so I'm told.

    Best of luck with your edits!

  4. I think I'd be ok with an editor cutting dialogue (I tend to write a lot of it) but actually changing it might bother me. Then again, it would probably depend on how significant the line is.

  5. Depends on what was done, I probably would just agree. If the change is just too significant I'd fix to make sure MY meaning comes across. I wouldn't be upset at the editor if I didn't explain myself correctly, which would probably be the case. Luckily for me, my editor "gets" me and any small changes she has done is in line with what I want.

    S.K. Anthony: Let's Do It the Old Fashioned Way

  6. I never had to deal with editors and fiction, only non-fiction. Though I had a great editor and we worked together, so no complaints.

    Good luck.

    Truth be told, I love editing. I like the puzzle-it-out, bits.


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