Friday, November 7, 2014

It LIVES!!!! Resurrection Blogfest III - One Good Catch!


For this blogfest, participants will resurrect a blog post that they initially published between November 8, 2013 and November 6, 2014 which they believe merits one more glance before it gives up the ghost for good.

Congratulations Mina Lobo on your third year of blogging and a great blogfest!

In hopes that all my publishing plans actually pan out this time around, I'm resurrecting a blog post from February 28, 2014 where I introduce the two characters from One Good Catch, the second book in my Maguire's Corner series.

This post was part of Rachel Schieffelbein and Kyra Lennon's  WIP: The Movie Bloghop!

Welcome back to Maguire's Corner. Book two in the series stars Doctor Kate Maguire. She's the town gossip, quite snarky and a whole lot to handle.

Meet Rhys 'Mac' MacGrath. Former resident of Maguire's Corner he currently plays professional football in Oklahoma.

They haven't seen each other in years. 

Sparks fly between them, but will their feelings for each other bloom and grow or burn too hot and turn to ash?

Nickelback: Trying not to love you
Christina Perri: Arms
Skillet: Awake and Alive 

More inspirational pics can be found on my Pinterest board.

One Good Catch: A Maguire's Corner Novel.

Coming soon.

Want to read an excerpt? Go HERE.

There it is! More information for One Good Catch can be found HERE!

Thanks for stopping in! 


  1. Oh my! That is one delicious man! You sure got my attention. Great post!

  2. Yay, I'm so excited to read about Doc Kate! I liked her a lot in Maguire's Corner! Woo-hooooooo!!!!! Thanks for joining in the 'fest!

  3. Oh, I remember this post! Loved the WIP: The Movie blog hop.

  4. Hot excerpt! Great eye candy in the pics too. :)

  5. Enjoyed the post, sure is some great photo's there,

  6. Hard not to appreciate a post with great eye candy. I bet they steam up the pages!


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