Monday, July 13, 2015

Curiosity. It's not just for cats.

July 13th already? Where the heck is this month going?

Besides the fact that the San Diego Comic Con just finished, and I wasn't there ... again ... a bunch of writing conferences are coming up soon.

So, I'm curious...

Are you guys going to anything this year?

Which one(s)?

What do you feel you get out of it?

Is it worth the money?

Do you guys have any (annual) memberships?

Have you joined any local chapters for writing?

I'd love to know if you guys think any of this stuff is worth it before I invest time and/or money.

I know I need to do more for myself, and for my books, but I'm a big fat scaredy-cat and I need more data.

Thanks for sharing!

I'm off to get some Monday stuff done. You know, laundry, dishes, coffee drinking.



  1. Heather!
    No idea. Not a part of any group outside of the IWSG and I've never been to a writers' conference. I've been to several Star Trek conventions - does that count?

  2. I've never been to a writer's conference. But I don't really have the money to spend on one. If I did, I might go, especially if I had something published.

  3. I didn't get to go to SDCC either. I'll try again next year.

    I attended one writers conference. It was free and about two hours away, so I could drive there. I had a good time. Haven't been to any others, especially if it involves a good chunk of money.

    I don't belong to any writer associations. There's the Florida Writers Association that I've been thinking about joining, but as I've been protesting my Florida residency, joining feels as though I will have accepted the state in which I live. Not ready for that yet.

  4. Great post Heather, Curiosity got the better of me years ago, I was doing my family tree on line when I found I was on a dating agency, me being curious had a peep, one
    man's face seem to draw me closer, I emailed him and a year later I came back from Spain where I was living to the UK. We set up home together but sadly after only a few years I found out he was a woman beater to my cost, we split up last year.

  5. I used to go to conferences, but they became costly and overwhelming for me. I may venture out again, but it will have to be for a darned good reason.

  6. I've been to quite a few, but almost always as a speaker. Go to learn and network, but don't go to sell books.

  7. I'd love to go to a conference but it isn't in my budget right now.


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