Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Meet Death, but cuter & Alyse Miller's new release - The Acorn Tattoo!

So, I go into CVS Pharmacy the other day and all the Halloween stuff is out.

The stores are crazy if they think I can buy candy this far ahead and not eat it all before October 31st. Crazy like a FOX!

But, I do like to browse the aisles to see the new decorations and such.

And there he was. Grimm.

Isn't he the cutest Death ever??? He's killin' me!!! With cuteness!

The BOY wants to take fun pictures with Grimm, like I do with Stormy. So these are his photo ideas so far.

Stay tuned for more of Grimm in the near future!!


Welcome Alyse Miller and her new release... The Acorn Tattoo!

The Acorn Tattoo: A Novella

by Alyse Miller
Cover Design: Najla Qamber  
ISBN:  978-1-939590-53-4

Sometimes Neverland isn’t the place you go to stay young; it’s the place you leave to grow up.

Claire Baker is an orphan who has always been afraid to open her heart – that is, until she meets Jake Holland, the Boy with the Acorn Tattoo, who sweeps her off her feet with his ocean-timbered voice and sheepish Lost Boy grin. Consumed by their budding romance everything seems to be perfect for Claire, completely perfect --
– Except for Davie, Claire’s childhood friend who’s always held a corner of her heart – the dark, somber-eyed boy who has grown into a handsome, enigmatic man – and who has hooked himself so deeply inside of her she cannot escape him. When Davie professes his love in an unexpected burst of loosened passion, Claire finds herself torn between the two men: the one that’s stolen her heart and the one who’s held it all along.
Now, Claire must navigate through the purities and passions of love and accept the consequences of finally letting her heart take the lead.

Lost in Neverland, how does a girl choose between the Pan and the pirate?

Alyse Miller is a young women’s fiction writer with a penchant for romantic and speculative twists. She lives in New York and can often be found writing in dimly lit coffee shops while drinking chai tea.


  1. Good review Heather and good luck to Alyse with her book.
    Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, must go out and buy my broomstick.
    Have a nice day,

  2. Cool cover.
    Will there be images of Grim and Stormy together?
    In our house, the Halloween candy would go bad by October 31. Unless it was Hot Tamales. Those wouldn't last.

  3. Love the story behind Alyse's new release.

    And Grimm is adorable. I can't buy Halloween candy before Halloween, either. I keep trying though, and for some reason it keeps disappearing.

  4. Congrats to Alyse! Beautiful cover. And I adore Grimm! Now there's a story to write. A really cute Death and no one takes him/her seriously. Hehehe!

  5. Congrats to Alyse. Love the pictures of Grimm. He looks too cute to be the reaper.

  6. Death is adorable!

    And that book sounds fabulous. My kindle is about to explode.

  7. Aww, Death is so cute! I was in Walmart and saw a Boba Fett with a candy bag and bought him. We drove home with him sitting on my lap. =)

  8. The Grimm is definitely a cutie. It has something to do with those big eyes, like Puss in Boots:) Congratulations to Alyse. That is a good looking cover.

  9. Ah, ignore my question in your last post about where you found him. ;) And his name is Grimm? That just makes him cuter!

    I'm going to have to pick one up. Maybe best friend was born on Halloween.


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