Friday, February 26, 2016

Cover Reveal for Alyse Miller & Let's laugh more!

First off...Cover Reveal for Alyse Miller's Untangling the Stars.

Title: Untangling the Stars
Author: Alyse Miller
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: May 2016
ISBN: 9781939590756

Even a bad romance can have a happy ending.

Staying true to her own character has never been a problem for Dr. Alessandra Foxglove. Andie has devoted herself to teaching others, and – not to toot her own horn – she’s damned good at it, too. A beloved college professor and engaged social activist, Andie has her heart – and both her hands – full.

So when celebrity bad boy Guy Wilder wanders into her classroom one day by accident, Andie doesn’t think much of it at first. There are guest speakers at the university on a daily basis – although none as devilishly handsome as primetime’s favorite preternatural lady-killer with lightning bolt blue eyes, Silas Dove. But when he shows up again the next day after a capricious goodbye, Andie begins to see that there’s more going on behind the scenes with this brooding, bad boy star. And even though she’s built a career on analyzing the human reaction to Hollywood’s most sexy and dangerous characters, she can’t help herself from falling under the very same spell she preaches against. Besides, with cheekbones like that, she couldn’t say no if she tried.

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Alyse Miller is a contemporary women's fiction author with a penchant for romantic and speculative twists. While she writes comfortably across several genres, Alyse especially enjoys writing for a new adult audience and exploring the emotions of romance and the growth of the human spirit as it transitions from adolescence into adulthood.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Women's Fiction Writer's Association, and the Author's Guild. Alyse is currently represented by InkSpell Publishing.

Twitter: @thealysemiller


Happy Friday folks.

I stole a few funnies from my Facebook feed to share with you all. Yet, as I scrolled, I realized that the funny posts were few and far between much more serious posts.

Must remedy that. More humor is needed in this world! 

Laugh more!


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  1. That potato chip meme is dead on. What will they think of next? It's a little scary. Thanks for spreading the humor.

  2. Congratulations, Alyse!
    Is it wrong that I really like the second one?


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