Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The scream heard 'round my living room -- #TheXFiles Returns

**No actual show spoilers, but I do discuss The X-Files latest episode, so if you don't want even a whiff, cause you haven't seen it, please feel free to skip to the end!**

Sure. I could tell you that I didn't blog on Monday because I was already in mourning for my absolute favorite show only having one more episode left that very night.

I could tell you that I didn't blog on Tuesday because I was devastated that my absolute favorite show was really over and I couldn't bring myself to write a blog post while I was suffering from depression.

I could tell you that. But, it's not true.


Okay. Monday came and went and I missed the whole thing.


The X-Files did have it's Season Finale on Monday and it was awesome.

Note the words Season Finale and not Series Finale.

Words have weight.


You might have heard my silent scream from wherever you live.(Silent because the 10 year old was already asleep.)

So, we KNOW they're going to do something else with the show. Either more episodes or a movie.

I think I'd prefer a movie to wrap it all up, but they don't have the best track record with those.

If they do produce more episodes, I don't want them to just hand it over to the newfangled Mulder aka Agent Miller and the un-improved Scully aka Agent Einstein. (Stupid name in my opinion.)

That would SUCK!

Too bad they won't be asking me for advice any time soon.

I have saved all 6 episodes and will be watching them over again. (and over again) Once I do, I will be sharing some thoughts and funnies. Stay tuned!


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  1. I completely agree with you. Don't hand the show over to them! I was also a little worried they'd be going in the YA direction with those psychic teens. We need to keep Scully and Mulder. It's as simple as that.

  2. Hi Heather ... I've enjoyed the few I watched ... but it's getting a little muddled - still I like the characters and I can switch off! Happy watching .. and I'm in ... see you A-Zing .. cheers Hilary

  3. My scream was probably heard round the county. The computer crapped out when there was still like 20 minutes left of the episode, so I missed the end >:O

  4. Season ending? That makes all the difference! Haven't watched it yet since I'm still trying to catch up on shows I missed last week. And like you, I don't want it to end.

  5. I didn't want the new episodes but I heard there was a cliffhanger and that they left it open-ended for more to come. I knew you would be happy.

  6. I was very excited when X files came back and I love Scully and Mulder - there is no way they can be replaced. X files is not X files without them. And isn't it amazing how they don't appear to have aged much at all (or is that just because I've aged alongside them?). Over the pond, we are only on the 3rd episode. Great post!

  7. Yes - loving the X-Files although as Nicola said we have only reached Episode 3 here in the UK but once again it was a good one and paid homage to the "fun" episodes of the original series. Delighted to learn there will be more. It's been wonderful having Mulder and Scully getting older and wiser along with us :)

  8. I saw a few reactions on Twitter about X-Files, but nothing spoilery. Currently, I'm going through the seasons because I don't think I've ever seen it. Probably because it was a show my parents didn't like or thought was too mature for me. Then I never really had TV service in any of my apartments, so I never was able to watch reruns.


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