Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#atozchallenge Stormy's Epic Adventurous Quest Journey - D

My Letter D for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is below, but first ... 

A Cover Reveal for Susan V. Vaughn!

The Pixie Queen

By Susan V. Vaughn
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing.
Cover design by Najla Qamber Designs.
ISBN: 978-1-939590-85-5

In the small town of Caseville strange things have occurred…

From the time Jane Hensley was little, she knew she was different. Instead of hanging out with friends, she was often in the woods, alone, chanting magical words that filled her with power and effected the environment around her. A sudden summer storm on a perfectly sunny day. Monster waves crashing into the shores of Lake Huron. Strange things happening in nature with no rhyme or reason. Residents are mystified by these occurrences, but would never dream they could come from Plain Jane Hensley, the girl that was so quiet, it was like she wasn’t there at all.

But David Reynolds, the town’s football star, has noticed Jane. In fact he has been secretly in love with the strange girl for years. And on the morning of her sixteenth birthday, he is determined to finally reveal his heart to her. Instead David discovers Jane’s powerful secret. A secret that has brought a magical stranger to their town. One who claims to be a Pixie King, and entices Jane on a quest.

Now David must choose whether to allow the girl of his dreams to disappear forever. Or follow her on a journey that defies logic.

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About the Author:
Romance Author, Susan V. Vaughn understood the meaning of sarcasm before she could walk.  Her childhood in the suburbs of Detroit was spent mainly trying to outwit her six creative siblings.  When she wasn’t working on the next soul crushing jab, she sharpened her imagination on romantic literature and day dreamed about her knight in shining armor.
It didn’t take long for Susan to take her passion for reading romances into writing her own unique love stories.  Susan lives her life finding laughter in all situations, and delights in marrying sarcasm with romance to create realistic falling-in-love stories in the unlikeliest of scenarios.  
Susan lives on the shores of Lake Huron with her real life knight in shining armor and enjoys watching their three children learn the art of sarcasm and wit.


Stormy the Weather Gnome, and friends, star in this action-filled docudrama detailing Stormy's quest to find the cure to his ... predicament.


"DONE, Holy Creepy Spider. I've found you eight socks."


 "These? These socks? Well, let me tell you something about these socks."


"They're so soft and warm! And, look! Boba Fett!"


"Right. Now it's your turn. How can you help me?"


"Fine. Fine. If you want to get ... fixed, you're going to have to find the all knowing, the all powerful...."


"Yeah? The all knowing, the all powerful....?"

"Hold on. I forgot his name."

"What the..."

"It's on the tip of my ... wait! I remember! The all knowing, the all powerful ... Guy on the Stump!"



Will Stormy ever find out how to get his miracle?
Stay tuned!


  1. Oh, Stormy! (for some reason this one reminds me of Kragl!)

  2. Now Stormy is stumped!
    And the spider has Boba feet.

  3. I do hope Stormy finds his miricle......He must.

  4. That is a creepy sock spider. Love Alex's comment!

  5. I think Stormy might be done in more ways than one right now.

    Congrats, Susan! Your cover's beautiful!

  6. Poor Stormy! At least Stormy had access to such awesome socks!

  7. Oh, Stormy. It's only letter D. You had to know it wouldn't be that easy.

    And thank you, Heather! It took me awhile, but I finally got the social media buttons on the end of my blog entries. They may not be pretty, but they are their. Very good advice.

  8. Poor Stormy. He just might have to live that way, but at least he helped a poor spider with cold tootsies!

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  9. it's early in the drama. So clever!

  10. I love what you're doing with the A-Z stories. That is awesome.

  11. Love the socks! I need a pair.

  12. Poor Stormy. I think this is going to be a long journey...

  13. You can always use socks. That's what my mom told me. Here's to Stormy making his way through.

  14. Good luck to Stormy! Hope he finds what he's looking for. . .

  15. I love FETT, share those socks... love the cover above, is that a real person with art or an artist rendering of a fictitious person? Very Nice Post... but you know that, that's why you posted it! Right!

    Welcome in the letter "D"... thank you!
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2016]

    Stop over and find a free "SIX STRINGS: BLOGGING AtoZ CHALLENGE" Here: http://www.jmhdigital.com/

    You know you want to know if me or Hollywood... is Nuts?

  16. Will Stormy be whole again? He seems to be surrounded by inept nincompoops! Don't despair, buddy! I'm sure after a few more tries, we'll see you standing on your own two feet (about 22 more tries?)
    Love you A to Zs, Heather, as always! So glad you found a way to entertain us with Stormy again. And the covers are exquisite!

  17. Love the socks! Love the cover for Susan Vaughn's new book - makes me want to read it. :)

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

  18. Socks, weather Gnomes and a cover reveal, neat stuff!

  19. Sock it to 'em, Stormy - oh will you ever stand on your own two feet again? Loving the story, Heather :)

  20. So cute! I love the spider with his stocks.

    The pictures are great.

  21. Thank you, everyone, for stopping in!

    Stormy is having a great time.



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