Monday, May 16, 2016

So, how are you? How's the family?

I feel like I've been neglecting you guys, but honestly, the little brain power I have left is all centered on getting the kid through the remainder of the school year and trying to edit this AWFUL manuscript!

You heard me.


Dear all the people I sent this to in May of 2010. I'm SO sorry. I know why you didn't publish it. It reaks!

I'm about to kill a brand new red pen going through it. It's so full of red marks, cross-outs, and arrows, that it's actually easier to retype it then to correct it on the computer!


Did you catch the date above? I started this blog on May 12, 2010 after I had just sent my first book out to numerous publishers.

Six years and 842 posts later, I have amazing blog friends, two published books, and tons of great blog memories.

How are you guys? What's been going on?

Well, I'm off to do my thang. I leave you with a few Facebook funnies.


Amazing what 5 years and vegetables can do!



  1. That last one is awesome!
    Your boy is growing up.
    And yeah, going back over something we wrote that long ago just makes us cringe.

  2. Hi Heather - love the boy one .. special! Way too much brain being used by bloggers - but keeps us alive and away from the zombies!

    Enjoy May and onwards ... take care - cheers Hilary

  3. I have no idea what my cat is saying.

    That's adorable how he's dwarfed by the jacket in the first photo.

  4. Raising kids is hard work. You have been quite busy. No doubt edits and rewrites are tough but it will payoff. I need to revisit some past abominations. Or NOT.

  5. AAAAAAH! I am so glad you posted the introvert one as I saw it on facebook and then couldn't remember where and was really bummed as I wanted to share it with someone! Whoopee!

    Can you even imagine the photo in five more years?!?!? Such a cool idea!

  6. I think it's funny how we can look back on older writing and wonder how we could ever think something so horrible was good. I guess that just shows how we're always getting better!
    That introverts one made me literally LOL. And I know what my cat is saying: "TREATS. MOM! TREATS!!!"

  7. I'm good, Heather. Finally knocked something off my todo list that I've been putting off for a couple of months. =D


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