Monday, May 23, 2016

Some Monday morning catch up and InkSpell Publishing author Mark Love!


The weather is just starting to cooperate here in NY, which means it's finally less chilly and slightly more sunny.

Some seeds The BOY and I planted are starting to grow, which is impressive all by itself. Pictures to come when I have some actual flowers.



The HUSBAND was in and out of town for the last two weeks and instead of taking the opportunity to write and edit like a madwoman I cleaned and organized his office, cleaned out the refrigerator, and mowed the lawn. Twice.

Yep. Procrastination. It's a gateway drug. To what? I'm not sure. Maybe naps? I don't know. But, it happened. I'm not proud.


Here's one thing I did right.
The BOY aka DJ
This is my son heading to his 5th grade Spring concert for chorus.

I'll tell you this, I took at least 15 pictures and this is the only one he didn't have a goofy look on his face. :)


If you need a good belly laugh, you have to watch this video. This woman cracks me up so much. Her joy is contagious.



by Mark Love

Meet Jamie Richmond. A former reporter turned author, Jamie is a stubborn redhead who knows a good story when she sees one and can’t stop until she gets to the bottom of it.  She’s made the transition to author, focusing on mysteries. Wanting to give her audience as much realism as possible, she manages to hitch a ride with a state police trooper as part of her research for an upcoming book.

But the night takes an unexpected turn when she witnesses someone shoot the trooper on a dark and desolate road. Although it’s not a fatal injury, Jamie is intrigued by the events surrounding the incident and the ongoing investigation. She expects answers. If the cops can’t figure it out, maybe she will. Before she can get too far along, Jamie becomes distracted by Malone, another trooper she met that night. Malone has a mystery or two of his own, but it’s Jamie who has caught his eye. Things begin heating up quickly.

Suddenly Jamie has more on her mind than she ever bargained for. She’s determined to unravel the mystery of the shooting.  Was it a random incident? Or is there some devious plot at work?

ISBN: ebook 978-1-939590-66-4

Print: 978-1-939590-61-9

ebook and print

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About the Author:

Mark Love (yes, that’s really his name) lived for many years in the metropolitan Detroit area, where crime and corruption are always prevalent.  A former freelance reporter, Love is drawn to mysteries and the twists and turns that mirror real life. He is the author of “Why 319?” and three books in the Jamie Richmond Series “Devious”  “Vanishing Act” and “Fleeing Beauty” and several short stories.

Love resides in west Michigan with his wife, Kim. He enjoys a wide variety of music, reading and writing fiction, cooking, travel, most sports and the great outdoors. 


  1. Congrats, Mark.

    I love the sepia tone of that shot. Good job.

  2. Jimmy Fallon featured that Chewbacca mask clip. Isn't it crazy what goes viral? Wish my book trailers would do that.
    Cool shot of your son.

  3. Love that shot of your son! So cool!

    I hadn't seen the Laughing Chewbacca video before. Pretty funny stuff.

    Congrats on the book, Mark!

  4. Congrats Mark! Your son looks like a cool customer.


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