Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4-26-2017 #AtoZChallenge - V is for Vinny, My Cousin Vinny.

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V is for Vinny, My Cousin Vinny.

I was going to do Vices but apparently mine aren't immoral enough to write about. :)

So instead, let's talk about My Cousin Vinny.

Have you seen it? It's too good, right?

I laugh out loud every time I watch it.

Some of our best lines come from this movie!

Really, there are too many to put all in one post! :)

If you haven't seen it...I highly recommend it! We can all use a good laugh!


  1. (Very) awesome movie. My favorite line: "And you blend." Oh, there are so many excellent lines in that movie.

  2. Loved that movie. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Find me here. LINK

  3. Such a great, fun movie. It's one of those I will stop and watch no matter where in the movie it is (does that make sense?). Watched it not that long ago.

    DB McNicol | Oh, the places we will go! | Virginia & Valley of the Fire SP

  4. Watching Marisa Tormei testifying about cars was (and is) the high point of a great movie.

  5. Hi Heather - we can certainly do with a good laugh ... and I'm sure I haven't seen the film, though know about it - if I spot it appearing on tv then I'll definitely look next time ... cheers Hilary


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