Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4-4-2017 #AtoZChallenge - C is for Clayne Crawford!

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C is for Clayne Crawford.
Who? Clayne Crawford. A nice southern boy from Alabama.
He's currently playing Martin Riggs in the new Lethal Weapon TV show.
I have a slight crush on him.
He's got quite the resume now.
I've heard he did a great job on his last show, Rectify, but I haven't watched it yet.

By the way, Lethal Weapon is a really excellent show with an outstanding cast. The writers are doing a fine job of mixing bits and pieces from the movies into the show without it being cheesy.
Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans have a great bromace going already. They're both very funny and work well off each other.

But, Clayne Crawford can be really intense as Riggs and that's when my crush turns into a slight obsession.
Not only is Mr. Crawford a really good actor, he has a great accent, and the very best hair in the business.
You can check out episodes of the show on Fox.com, which of course is the real issue because now that I'm watching and enjoying the show, they'll probably cancel it. :)

See you on Wednesday for AtoZ & IWSG!!!


  1. What?! Tomorrow is IWSG day? How could I forget that? Must be the A to Z thing. My brain is already fried.

    C is for Church Committee: Intelligence Abuses by the CIA

  2. Never trust Fox to not cancel the show you love. =|

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  3. Hi Heather - I can see why the attraction ... especially if he's a really good actor, which it seems he is ... I've never heard of him, but as I live overseas - I guess that's to be expected ... enjoy him!! Cheers Hilary


  4. you mention cheesy but wasn't that one of the beauties of the film series? enjoy him and fingers crossed FOX doesn't cancel your new fave.

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

  5. Well, he looks dishy - I'm not familiar with him though wouldn't mind seeing a little more of him!

  6. Love the show! They do work well together.
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  7. He does look eminently crushworthy...


  8. Now that you're watching they'll probally cancel...LOL I hate when that happens! He's a cutie btw :)

  9. Hmm...never heard of that one. Thanks for sharing! They really are digging in the '80s vaults a lot lately, aren't they?


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