Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't rush me!

115 pages into the new book and just one kiss. It's like 22,000 words already. I don't have a word count quota or anything but this could be 1/4 of the book and no nookie.


Let me check something...


I'm back.
First book, page 90 starts their first love scene. But they had some serious kissing going on before that.

Hey me! Don't rush me!

I like the pace of this new book. I'm not going to rush it just to let them get their groove on. They aren't ready yet anyway. I like the building trust between them. The tension. The interest.

My challenge will be to make it sizzle and not sound like anything I have written before.

Hopefully different characters will want to have different sex.

I hope its not abnormal to talk about characters like that. Like they have a mind of their own. I hope that doesn't mean I've gone partly psycho. Cause I have conversations with them all the time.

For instance, I'm about to switch chapters back to Jack. I've been listening to him all day. He's trying to figure out the mystery. He's trying to figure out the girl. He's trying to figure out his feelings. So, he's talking and I'm listening.

Hopefully I will be able to write down everything he said tomorrow.


  1. You is in the groove and feelin' it .

  2. Wish I had your passion and drive.

  3. Suz - Trying to anyway! ;)

    Murees - You have plenty of passion. I read that in every post. Give yourself a break.

  4. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Loved your post.


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