Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wrote myself into a corner.

Darn, darn, darn.

I got up early this morning, while the house still slept, and wrote a few pages. It was very nice.

I was unable to write Friday or Saturday so it felt good to do it this morning.

Then I read what I wrote.

Damn if I didn't write myself right into a corner.

And what I mean by that is I have boxed myself in and in order to get out - something drastic would have to happen, or a character will have to break and say something they don't want to say (and I think it is entirely too early to do that) or I will have to backtrack and re-write some.


I didn't have a clear direction this morning. Not that I always do. But today I was just winging it.

I know they have a term for writing the way I do. I think its pantsing. Writing by the seat of ones pants. Something like that. They have a term for the opposite as well, to write with an outline. Can't quite recall what it is.

I could never write that way. They tried to teach me that in school too, beginning/middle/end. Crap. Can't do it. I'm defective. So, I just write and hope that my brain will make it all make sense at some point.

It works pretty well, until you write yourself into a corner. I suppose that isn't so bad either. It wouldn't be the first time I did a major re-write of this story.

Maybe it is time for something drastic to happen. There has been a few close calls. But nothing like hanging on for dear life to make the heart sing, right?

Well, only time will tell I guess. I'll have to make something work. But not until tomorrow. Hopefully I can work it out while I sleep!

On Tuesday it will be two months since I sent my stuff off to Harlequin. Not a word.
8 out of 15 never responded.
Oh well.


  1. So, paint yourself a door.

    Yeah, I should talk. I'm supoda be writing something "Poe"ish for the newsletter and absolutely nothin' has come to mind. Deadline is tomorrow.

    Did get lots of yard stuff done yesterday and today, so, I guess I can't weed and write poetry at the same time.

    Let's hope the lightbulb goes off for both of us during our sleep.

  2. It does help sometimes to take a step back before you tackle a problem area. I'll often work on something else while I wrestle with it. Usually I just work on my edits for the first WIP when I encounter a stalled scene in my second. This way, I get the breather but still feel productive.

    Also, don't get too discouraged about submissions. Publishers take a lot longer to get back to you than agents take. And it can often take around 2-3 months to hear anything back from an agent.

  3. Suz, check your email.

    Angela M. - I agree. I do need that breather now and then to figure out where to go next. It's fun though, isn't it? Deciding how to control characters lives?

    I'm over the whole publishing thing. Pretty sure it's not going to happen at this point but that was half of what the blog was supposed to be about so I keep updating.

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. you're NOT defective. a lot of writers are pantsers. some of us are half and half. sometimes we just have to let go of controlling the story and listen to what the characters want to do.

    (i hopped over from Tessa's blog hop, but i may have said that before in another comment. i don't remember. it's been a while since i checked out the other blog hoppers and i'm not sure where i left off.)

  5. Michelle - Thanks. And thanks for hopping by!

  6. The opposite of a pantser is a plotter, like me. The biggest problem with being a plotter (a lot like plodding) is I can't stop plotting and rarely get around to writing. I try to "pants" it but I'm just too unfocused.

  7. L.A. - There has to be a happy medium somewhere. Plottypants! or Pantyplots! I need some direction but some freedom too!


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