Monday, August 30, 2010

All that fresh air!! They'll write good tonight!

A few days away was exactly what I needed. Maybe a little longer would have been nice, but it was still soooo wonderful.

Time away with my family.
Time away from the computer.
Time away to think.

The drive home was perfect for figuring out what I was going to do next in the new book and how to fix a section in the old one.

Yep, I said fix.

Here's what happened...
I was reading submission guidelines on a few e-publisher sites last week. One of them said that any 'relations' between characters had to be when they were 18 years of age or older.

This has been mentioned to me before and here is why...

Without going into too much detail about the story, my characters have 'relations' with each other prior to being 18 years old. (The story actually takes place while they are in their twenties.)

Please, are we really going to kid ourselves and believe for even a second that teens in high school aren't 'doing it'? Really?

I see. We can agree that they are 'doing it' but I just can't write about it without seeming creepy.

So, if that is one of the 500 reasons that someone wouldn't publish my book, well for darn sure I can make that change.

But hold the phone! That is one of the hugey importanty pivoty points in the book! How do I change this event without changing the whole story?

Well, I'll tell you!
Thanks to kibitzing with one of my trusty 'editors' we figured it out!

Originally Colin is older than Riley; senior (18) to her sophomore (16).
Riley is best friends with Colin's sister, Kerry (16).
If I make Colin and Kerry twins then they can all be the same age, 18 in their senior year, and I won't seem like some sort of FREAK for writing about teens having sex.

There. One issue solved.

As for the new book, I have some really good ideas where to go with the characters next. I'm going to have to be 'creative' when it comes to some of the FBI/Police issues and hope I am not writing out of my ass until I find a way to verify my ideas but I can't stop writing while I wait for confirmation.

So. I think that catches everyone up on my writing trials and tribulations.

Now I just have to actually write!

Damn. If only there was an app for that.


  1. Hey, statutory is definitely out, huh.
    Glad your creative juices are flowing again, even if your fingers can't keep up with it.

  2. I love this post. You are so funny.

    I am glad your inspiration is returning. Enjoy!


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