Friday, August 27, 2010

Sometimes when a door closes you have to use a Halligan

Words are certainly not flowing but the dam has a leak!

I was able to write almost 4 pages yesterday.

It's not amazing stuff. Mostly just getting the characters from point A to point B but it was important.

I left off on a surprise kiss!

On limited notice I am going on a short trip. I may get to write but I would have to do it with ...duh duh duh... paper and pen.

My laptop hasn't been mobile in a while so it's not worth packing up to take anywhere.

I promised myself a new one when I published my first book. You know how that is working out? Yeah. So do I.

Paper and pen wouldn't be so bad except that my hand gets cramped up pretty quickly these days. Lots of damage from years of typing and cracking my knuckles. The hands are extra fun in the winter months!

Hopefully I will get some more writing in soon and be able to report all of my forward progress!

A girl can dream.

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  1. We're bringing our laptop...just bring your flash drive....


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