Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Filth, flarn, filth, flarn, filth!

This class is tough.

It will make me a better writer.

It will pay off in the end.

I am ignoring my blog.

I am neglecting your blogs.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

I had to return a book to the library before I even cracked it open.

My note taking hand is cramping up but that's okay because there is a cat on my notes.

Did you just say Abe Lincoln?

I want more coffee but my leg won't stop bouncing as it is.

I'll be back...I hope.

Important tip from class...Ms. James tells us that the word like is a weak word. Using the 'find' tool on Word I found I have a severe addiction to the word like.


  1. Me too! All the best with your class. Hang in there.

  2. Exercise your brain cells!

  3. No on-line access to your library account? I renew books on line so I don't have to return them before I'm done with them. Saves a trip....

    Here's a thought for the day:

    Oh ordlay, ivethgay usway ouryay essingsblay. Amen-ay!


  4. Not responsible for you lol if you read this in class...

    the picture! stop you're killing me! ha ha haaaa!
    (these aren't the dr... aha hee hee!)
    and did your hand cramp from drawing a cat instead of taking notes or is it one of those 7 sinning cats sitting on them?

    glad you retained something from the class - if you can share it, you learned! yay! (and like, thanks!)

  5. You and me both! I use it way too often. Along with the word "way." ;-)

  6. Your brain will return to normal soon - promise!

  7. Murees - Thank you!

    Suz - I think it blew a hammy!

    K. - I do have access but I've had the book forever and I haven't and won't have time to read it right now. Not if I want to fix all the problems w/ The Book. Thanks for the pig latin!

    Tara - Luckily for you no one can hear me but the cats! It's certainly one of the sinning cats on my paper, in the fur.
    And like, you're welcome!

    Liz - It must be a generation thing. I'm not from the Valley but we all said Dude and Like and No Way a lot!

    L.G. - Yeah, she rocks.

    Alex - I hope so. Feels kind of mushy right now.


    Thanks everyone. Feeling the love.

  8. You're scaring me, now I'll have to see if I use "like" a lot.

  9. I love the word 'like'! :)

    Hope the class is going well!

  10. Wendy - She scared me too. I now have a list of Weak words and Garbage words. Soon my book will be a pamphlet.

    Talli - LIKE I KNOW!! Its killing me!


  11. Using it for the purpose of a simile is fine with me, but any other use should be remedied.


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