Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stormy goes to Warwick!

Today's weather: Showers. Chance of rain 70%. High of 56 degrees. Frost advisory for Orange County. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Warwick, NY

One of the many entrances into Warwick.
It's quaint and friendly.
It's Small Town U.S.A. population 30,000 plus meets sustain- ability.

Some crazy lady left her truck door open.

Everything is artsy-fartsy and crafty here. It's historical, trendy and nouveau all at the same time.
Trains still run through Warwick.

Tourism is heavy all year round. They have skiing, golf, wineries, farms and orchards available to visit.
I bet he's made from real stone.

They have their own hospital, small airport, bowling alley and one of the few drive-in movie theaters left in NY.
Monument at entrance to the park.

Veteran's Memorial Park is host to sporting events, parades, picnics and a yearly carnival.
Station #1

Warwick is protected by three all volunteer fire stations under the Warwick Fire Department.

Sometimes they even let me drive the engine!

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  1. I loved living in Warwick! The main street is chock full of great shops! And there was always some sort of "fest" going on.

    Thanks for the short trip down memory lane....

  2. Perhaps working for the Chamber of Commerce or the Warwick Bureau of Tourism is in Stormy's future. He is so handsome in his Honorary Firegnome uniform.

  3. Stormy might need a booster seat for the truck though!

  4. Thanks for the tour Stormy! Sounds like a cool place to live. (Artsy-fartsy--snort.)

  5. I agree with Alex... Stormy needs a booster seat but kudos for him for getting to drive the truck at all.

  6. Stormy the Firefighter!
    There's a firefighter in my upcoming novel :)

  7. cute & pleasant, just like stormy =)

    how'd stormy get his name anyway? he's seems pretty peaceful!

  8. At first I thought he was only in the last photo...then, duh, I finally saw him in the others. I really do think I should keep that appointment with the eyes doctor.

  9. Well, if it has stormy's stamp of approval, I'll try heading there someday.

  10. Nice post! I think it's funny that it's considered a small town U.S.A. with a population of 30,000.

    I live in a town of 3,500, the entire town could fit on a cruise ship. Maybe we should call ourselves a colony. Now, there's an idea. :)

  11. K. – You’re very welcome. It is a lovely town, just pricey to live in.

    Suz – Firegnome. Nice.

    Alex – You ain’t kidding! He’s soooo short!

    Tamara – It’s true. The towns around it are just as bad…or good depending on your POV.

    Copyboy – Truly. Thanks for stopping in.

    M.J. – Couple of phone books, right? He is pretty lucky, but, I know a guy!

    Maryann – Of course you would say that!

    Carol – I love firefighters! I have one at home! I am 90% more likely to read a book w/ them included!

    Tara – Thank you. I think it was just a weather thing. I’d like to blame alcohol but it’s been so long since I’ve had any…

    L.G. – Ha! He is pretty small this time. Don’t blame it all on you.

    Clarissa – He seems to like it, but he doesn’t have to shop here either!

    Sherri – Well, sarcasm is my middle name. I like colony though!

    Welcome and thank you everyone!

  12. Poor Stormy looks so small in the great big world.

  13. Michael - Aren't we all though. Thanks for coming.


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