Monday, April 16, 2012

Stormy Needs A Nap!

Today's weather: Generally sunny. High of 89 degrees. Tree pollen levels remain very high.

Thanks to all of your positive support, and some amazing Alp guides, I've made it back home...alive, intact and tired!

So, I took a nap on the hammock.

I didn't mean to take one while checking my email...

...or taking a walk...

...or catching up on my reading...

...or heading to the mailbox...

...or returning from the mailbox...

...or eating my dinner.

I give up. I'm going back to bed.

Blogging from A to Z!


  1. After doing yard work on Saturday, that's how I felt all day yesterday, naps kept sneaking up on me. Today I have some spark again, but, sadly, its time to go to my job; what a waste of creative energy. Glad you got to the top of the world, Stormy. Was the view worth it?

  2. A face full of food is not good! Go sleep it off, Stormy.

  3. Loved the posting and my thoughts exactly after working the weekend.

  4. Stormy needs an eye cover for when you're trying to sleep, it's hard to sleep when you're eyes are open.

  5. I feel exactly the same way!

  6. I with you Stormy. After trekking up stairs all weekend at a water park, our whole family just napped the day away. My leg muscles still haven't recovered.

  7. I was just about to head out to take a nap in my hammock too. What a coincidence!

  8. LOL! There are days I feel exactly the same way.

  9. Tell Stormy my hammock days are on hold. After having wonderful above seasonal temperatures, we got snow yesterday - not much - but the lawn is white. Yech! Hmmm, should I be blaming Stormy??

  10. He sleeps with his eyes open? Way to creep me out, Stormy, you narcoleptic little rascal.

  11. gnarly 98 degrees?! no way!

    summer is going to be harsh!

    shhhhh, sorry stormy. go back to sleep |)

  12. I'd like to take a nap on a hammock too!

  13. Suz – There is still debate on whether he made it to the top or not!

    Alex – He is still sleeping!

    Gossip_Grl – All Monday’s should be for naps.

    Clarissa – Good point. I need a sleep mask for him!

    Karen – I think that might be the consensus here!

    Tamara – I hope you had fun too!

    M.J. – Good taste from smart peeps!

    Susan – Ha! I’m sensing a trend!

    Wendy – Ewww. Snow! Bad word! We had 52 degrees last week, over 90 degrees today.

    Nicki – LOL! That is funny.

    Crowbar – Gnoone Gnu!

    Tara – 89 degrees, Tara! 98 I would be melting! You didn’t wake him!

    Cynthia – It’s my mom’s! I’m too scared to get in it.

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!

  14. kmckendry - Me too! Let's all have a nap!

  15. Too funny, love it! Naps are essential to survival, keep it up and I'm now a follower!

  16. Stormy has the right idea! I'm going back to bed too.

  17. oops, had n on the brain. 89 is still too hot for april in new york!

  18. mindthegap - Yes they are essential! Thanks for coming and welcome!

    Stephen - Excellent plan! Just don't forget to post tomorrow!

    Tara - You're right. We were freezing and now we are freakn' hot!

  19. Carol - I'm not sure he's recovered yet!


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