Monday, April 23, 2012

Stormy says, "I Love Trees."

Today's weather: AM showers. Chance of rain 50%. High of 56 degrees.

Did you see me on the last episode of Survivor: Everyone vs. Stormy the Weather Gnome? Life changing experience!

Have I mentioned that I love trees? I am a gnome, after all, so I do find great happiness in nature.

Let's have a look at some of my favorite trees!

Someone thought I was an ornament.

Crab Apple before

Crab Apple after

I named this one Cyclops.

Just my size.

Blogging from A to Z!


  1. Hey, that first tree is kinda scary. Looks like a gnome eating tree or at the very least, that walloping tree from Harry Potter.
    And how come gnome isn't spelled knome like know or gnomb like comb?

  2. So glad Stormy survived one piece, that is. I think he should have won the whole thing, though.

    Stormy is an awesome tree climber! I love trees too.

  3. Nothing like seeing a happy gnome climbing a tree to make you smile in the morning. ha!

  4. Ah, we love the same kinds of trees. Plus Wisteria. Nothing better than a good ole climbing wisteria in purple bloom.

  5. i love trees too =)
    the first is my favorite =)

  6. Is that a hover board he is standing on WELL COOL

  7. Stormy sure does get around...with the trees. :D

  8. Okay,, Stormy, now I want to see you in a wanyan tree!

  9. Stormy is a shockingly good tree climber ;)

    1. Johanna - You're comment got missed and I am so sorry. Thank you for coming. Yes. The Gnome gnows his trees!

  10. Love the pics of the trees. They remind me of the treemen in alot of fantasy stories, especially the one you call cyclops.

  11. Suz – I thought of the HP tree too.

    Alex – I’m from NY. The squirrels are pretty tough here. They may carry Stormy off.

    K. – I think he should have won too!

    L.G. – I’ll tell him you said so!

    Tamara – I don’t think I have any of that around her to take a picture of. Sounds nice though.

    Tara – Thank you. That’s actually at the same park that we took the playground pictures.

    Rob – I guess it does kind of look like a hover board.

    Jaycee – Yes, and yes! Thank you!

    Wendy – Is that the big crazy tree in Disney?

    Gossip_Grl – Ha! I hadn’t thought of that!

    Thanks everyone!

  12. I'm very jealous of stormy and his tree-traveling adventures.

  13. Carol - He had to look that up but he liked it!

    Clarissa - Just let me know when you want to go with him!

    Thanks for coming!

  14. I used to love climbing trees, too. Now I'm afraid I'll fall. :(


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