Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stormy is Puzzled!

Today's weather: Partly cloudy. High of 66 degrees. Tree pollen levels remain very high.


Everyone loves puzzles. Maybe because there are so many kinds to choose from. Word search, jigsaw, crossword, logic, three dimensional and brain puzzles just to name a few.

Do you have a favorite?

Logic puzzle.
A man works on the 10th floor and always takes the elevator down to ground level at the end of the day.

Yet every morning he only takes the elevator to the 7th floor and walks up the stairs to the 10th floor, even when is in a hurry.


Jigsaw puzzle.

Brain puzzle.

Unusual paragraph
This is a most unusual paragraph. How quickly can you find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so ordinary that you would think that nothing is wrong with it at all, and, in fact, nothing is. But it is unusual. Why? If you study it and think about it, you may find out, but I am not going to assist you in any way. You must do it without any hints or coaching. No doubt, if you work at it for a bit, it will dawn on you. Who knows? Go to work and try your skill. Good luck!

Come back tomorrow for the answers to these puzzles!

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  1. Stormy! What are you doing to me? I had lots to do today and now I'm thinking about elevators and staring at that insidious paragraph. ARRGH!

  2. 1) Elevator only goes to the 7th floor.
    2) No 'e's in the paragraph.

  3. I love puzzled--jigsaw and number puzzles are my favorites. In fact SUDOKU is often how I turn off my day so I can write--it allows my brain to engage but without the baggage of whatever is stressful. I tend to not have the attention span for the complicated ones...

  4. 1) Well, obviously the elevator is afraid of heights and the seventh floor is its limit.

    2) Where do I start? Well, the characterization is weak and the plot, almost non-existent. Theme? Come on! All paragraphs need a theme. I could go on and on and on...

    ;) Congrats to Chris and have a great day, everyone!

  5. I like jigsaw puzzles best, the more pieces the better.

  6. See, my first thought was "wait...what about the answers?!?!" And then I got to the end of the post.

  7. Sad to think you took these shots quite a while ago and we still haven't finished the puzzle.

    Wish you had warned people not to spill the beans (answers) in the comments for us less speedy puzzle solvers. Sigh.

  8. Love jigsaw puzzles and logic puzzles too.

  9. I'll have to come back for the answers. So, Stormy likes cats?

  10. Tamara – I told Stormy what you said and he said, “Mwahahahaahhaha!”

    Chris – Welcome! One of your answers is incorrect!

    Kmckendry – Awesome. I do, when my brain is working.

    Hart – That’s a good idea. It’s like putting your brain on hold!

    Clarissa – I like your reasons. They may be better than the actual answers!

    mshatch – Me too! I have to go finish the cat one w/ my Mom!

    M.J. – I am evil. Hear me roar!

    Suz – We will finish it. And who says their answers are correct?

    Johanna – Me too! Great minds and all…

    Alex – YEAH! – Stormy doesn’t have a choice. He lives with my four!

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!

  11. My brain hurts - and that's why I like jigsaw puzzles - fab pics!

  12. puzzles are wonderful! wow, no e's very good!

    HIS elevator doesnt go all the way to the top =)

  13. I know the elevator one (thereare 7 of these in one story?) - used to love those kind of lateral thinking puzzles, and have also seen the 3rd one before. I like logic problems and also trivia quizzes.

  14. I love puzzles! We put one together every New Year's Eve.

    Since I am short, I'm going to guess that the man can't reach the button for the 10th floor.

    The paragraph one has me stumped.

  15. I really enjoy jigsaw puzzles. For some reason, I really enjoy doing pictures. I guess it differs from person to person.

  16. Laura – Yeah. Brain puzzles can cause damage.

    Tara – One out of two is pretty good!

    Paula – I don’t retain enough trivial information to do well at trivia. Sad but true!

    L. Diane – Excellent guess! Puzzles are so much fun.

    Gina – I also enjoy picture puzzles but I’ve always wanted to try the all white puzzle. Just for fun.

    Thanks for the visit everyone!

  17. The elevator only goes to the seventh floor, and when he leaves work he walks down three flights of stairs and takes the elevator down the ground floor . . .I think. Fun puzzles!

  18. I know the brain puzzle - no e's. Don't know the logic puzzle, though. I'm not a logical person, so I'm not surprised.

  19. Carol - The answer for the elevator puzzle is in the letter Q! Thanks for stopping in!


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