Monday, July 23, 2012

If I quit now...they win.

Hello, my friends.

I won't apologize for not being on the blog for over a week, cause I always tell you guys not to do that.

Family, real life, chocolate, these things always come first.

But, I will say that I missed you all very much.

There is nothing specifically wrong but I just haven't had it in me to blog or visit blogs recently.

I've let doubt and depression rule me and I know how wrong that is.

As usual, I had an wonderful idea in my head of what finishing this book was going to be like and, as usual, it isn't panning out.

I'd hand it off to a few trusted friends. They'd tell me how amazing my writing is and force me to send it out immediately to agents and publishers. I would then get email after email requesting my full manuscript. Shortly thereafter I would be fighting off offers left and right.

Is that so much to ask?


Instead, I'm still editing. But, I'm close to finishing my edits. Again.

And I'm hoping to get this freakin' thing off my laptop and out into the world soon.

I just wish I felt more confident about it.

So, that's my story...and I'm stickin' to it.

I'm really not telling you all this so that you will blow sunshine up my ... you know ... but just to let you know why I've been absent.

Since you guys are the most supportive peeps on the planet, I just know that you know exactly how I'm feeling and you also know that I just have to work through it until I get out the other side.

Wow, you guys know a lot!

There is a lot of stuff going on around the Blogosphere recently and I will spend a little time catching up but this is something all of us Bloggers should know about if we didn't already. From the blog of Roni Loren: Blogger Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog - My Story. 

If you've come back to visit me...thank you!


  1. H,
    I will tell you as a multi-pubbed author that the feeling you have right now will not ever go away! It's all part of the process of being blessed with creativity. You are on the right path. I know I read your current WIP and really enjoyed it.

  2. HI, Heather ...

    When did you sneak into my brain and pull out EVERYTHING that I have been feeling lately. I can SOOOO relate to how you feel right now. I was stuck in Florida for months working on a design project and couldn't wait to get home so that I could immerse myself into blogging and writing again.

    This is the first post I have read since I have been back home ,,,, nearly two weeks. Your post called to me.

    Thanks for expressing everything I have been feeling. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    I know we will get back into the game again soon. We ALL go through this, but I have been in this funk for months and months. I cam't seem to pull myself out. At least you ARE WRITING! That is more than I can say.

    Thanks for posting this. It's nice to know I am not alone.

    ALso, I did read the link. WOW. I didn't know how bad using a oic could really be. Most of the time I use my own, but I will be VERY careful in the future.

    I so love your no=nonsense New Yorker attitude. Boy I miss New York. It will always be home to me because I can so relate to its people. It]s amazing how different people are in different parts of the country.

  3. Don't despair! It will happen. I should be the poster author of hope, because if someone was willing to publish my books, then anyone can succeed.
    Don't give up on yourself.
    Stormy would not be happy.

  4. (Alex's comment is making me smile!) And as for you, dear Heather, I attribute it all to the summer blues! It gets worse in August and then fresh hope and renewed enthusiasm comes in strong with fall. (That's how it works for me anyway.)

  5. Well, I won't sit here and blow sunshine up your rear, I promise. I don't know what the adverse side effects of such a thing would be!
    But I will say that we've all been there, done that and will be there once again. The confidence in your craft needs to come from you before anyone will buy it. If you don't have confidence in it or yourself, how can you sell it? Your mood affects your writing more than you think. I don't know if you need another different set of eyes to look at your work, someone not usually critiqueing your stuff, I offer up that help should you want it. I'm good at being blatantly honest with people, but not overly harsh.
    You'll pull through and in the meantime, we're all here to help when you ask.

  6. Welcome to the roller coaster world of the writer :)

  7. Don't let it get to you, Heather. Know that this is normal. It;s kind of like postpartum depression. You need time to adjust to the finality of it all, to letting go, to putting yourself out there to be judged. I did it for well over a year and all I can say is, my skin got thicker and I learned a lot. I learned that the story is never finished until the day it's printed. But this only gives you time and the opportunity to improve it. Most authors will tell you, it takes a year or even two to get through the process of writing, editing, revising, querying, then maybe selling. Then it's another year or two or even three after that. If writing has taught me one thing, it's patience. You'll survive it all if you can handle that part.

  8. I want you to know that I get nothing but compliments for my upward flower blowing!! :)

    Hang in there!

  9. keep editing! only 4 or 5 or more rounds to go!
    now you know why i dont like it! but it gets easier each time!

  10. Hi Heather,
    Firstly and rightly, you must take care of you. Depression and self-doubt can sabotage your positive outlook to your writing endeavours. This will pass and your transparent verbalisation will invigorate you as you move along that journey to the realisation of your writing dream.
    You know, despite the chatter of the 'inner critic', you can make it so.
    Oh, when it comes to blogging, I have been known to apologise for doing a posting :) You look after yourself and Stormy. You promise?
    In kindness and understanding, Gary

  11. I totally get it. I've been absent a lot lately because I've been writing and I'm two days from finishing my novel. I can't wait to start the next.

  12. Don't let the opinions of a couple people stop you from pursuing your dream.

  13. I know exactly how you feel. It shouldn't be a disappointment to finish a manuscript, but it kind of is. It's like that thing where you have a baby or get married and think it's going to be all bliss and happiness. It's never that easy or blissful. It ends up being a lot of work.

    And yet I can't just prop my feet up and relax instead of writing and editing. And despite of the lack of bliss, I had three babies and got married TWICE.

    I think it would be easier to just quit - but I don't want to. I hope you stick with it too.

  14. So much in life is in the lap of the gods, things do not always go to plan. But if you do not try it can not happen........

    pursue the dream, but not at all costs......

  15. I read that post. It's circulating all over the blogosphere. And a good thing, too. Glad to find your blog again! :)

  16. I'm sorry you are feeling down lately, but I agree that your post sums the whole thing up. The difference between the people who succeed and the people who fail is the determination to never, ever, ever give up. (BTW, I'm sure your story is badass. As soon as you are done with edits, I'm sure the world will agree!)

  17. The lawsuit over image copyrights is downright scary. That sounds rough that you've been doubting yourself. I wish you much confidence and gumption in the near future!

  18. Hang in there! The ant finally did move the rubber tree plant.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the information on blog picture posting. I had no idea it was so litigious. I guess I better get those images off my blog. It is sad that we can't help someone along by sharing their images on our blog and NOT getting paid. In my humble opinion, it's free advertising for the photographer. But apparently, they don't want us getting there work out there for free. I hope you finish your edits and your book sells, and you make lots of $$$$, and win back all that you loss in the lawsuit.

  19. It's okay to feel down every once and a while, especially with something as demanding as writing a novel. Now you're back, ready to finish the edits and move on to the next step. That's a great thing. Persistence is key because querying isn't a walk in the park either. But your blog and regulars will be a great support system to walk with you on the rest of this crazy publishing journey.

  20. Tracey – Thank you Tracey. I do appreciate that!

    Karen – Yeah, those expectations are a killer! Thank you.

    Michael – Thank you so much. I don’t want you to be feeling this way but at the same time it’s nice to know it’s not just me. I hope we both get back in the swing! Thanks for coming by!

    Alex – When you’re right, you are so right! Thank you. But, don’t sell yourself short either!

    KarenG – That is a nice way to think about it! Thank you!

    Mel – You’re offer to throw yourself on my sword is very sweet although now that I wrote that it sounds pretty sick. : ) Thank you very much for your comments!

    Carol – Thanks. I don’t really want to get off the coaster. Not really!

    Nancy – Patience is something I lost when I had the BOY. I hope I can survive it. You guys all really help.

    DL – I’ll keep that in mind, sir! Happy to know you!

    Tara – Easier? It sure doesn’t feel like it but you are probably quite right! Thank you.

    Gary – I promise Stormy is being well taken care of. He just had an exciting trip to the lake to fish! Thank you for your warm comments!

    Clarissa – I hear you. I’d like to work on the next one but I’m stuck on this one for now!

    L. Diane – It’s true. Their opinions weren’t bad or wrong just not the miracle I was hoping for. Thank you!

    Tonja – Lots of work. You’re right. Lots of work. I’m sticking with it though.

    Rob – Great words to live by, Rob. Thank you.

    David – I’m so glad you came by too! Yes, that blog post was eye opening.

    LisaAnn- I’d like some determination. That would be great! I hope the story is badass! I hope so! Thank you!

    Jennifer – I’ll take all the wishes you’ve got! Thank you!

    Jenn – It is frightening but it wasn’t my lawsuit. Just someone else’s story that I passed along. Thank you though and thanks for coming!

    Michael – You guys are better support than anyone I’ve ever known. Thanks so much!

    Really, everyone, thank you so much!


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