Wednesday, July 4, 2012

IWSG - July 4th Edition!

Happy 4th of July to all of us American folk.

Of course, according to most historians, the vote for independence was on the 2nd of July and the paperwork was sent out and dated the 4th.

Those same historians said the Declaration itself wasn't even signed until August 2nd.

But, who are we to try and be accurate?

That's like saying Columbus didn't discover America, he just ran into it by accident with his rental ship.

But, I hope you all have a nice holiday.


So....Insecure Writer's Support Group. Today. Going on right now. At this time. Currently. Huh.

I'm sort of...MEH...about writing.
You know, MEH?
Indifferent. Bored. Lackluster. Uninterested.

Each morning I come out to the laptop to work on my edits but I never seem to get much done. It never seems to go anywhere. I never seem to make a dent.

I may be in the fourth stage of the Five Stages of Writing Grief that I've heard about but never applied to myself before.


Technically, in order to start with Denial I should have received bad news about my book. Which, really, I didn't. I got positive feedback and lots of constructive criticism. So says my head.

But, I think my heart took it another way. I think it said, "You don't think it's perfect just as it is?"

Then Anger. The story is good. It's fine. It doesn't need changing.

As I was reading the edit comments I probably hit Bargaining and Depression at the same time. Sure, I guess I could make these changes, even though I don't really want to.

Depression. Like I need more of that.

I'm hoping that Acceptance is right around the corner cause I don't want to be depressed about my book anymore.

I like this book. I think it's good. I think it rocks.

I want other people to read it, not just my peeps. I want you guys to read it. I want strangers to read it. I want aliens from other planets to read it.

I don't know why. I just do.

I better go find my Big Girl Panties and put them on and finish these stupid edits so I can get on with the next stages of publishing.

Ever experience these writing stages?

How will you celebrate America's Independence Day?


  1. You can work through them! One day away from acceptance - I just know it.
    And Stormy looks great all dressed up for the Fourth.

  2. Alex - You are amazing. I'm still tweaking my post and you are already here leaving me a comment! You truly are a Ninja! Thank you for always having my back!


  3. Yes. Sometimes all in one day. Love the line about rental boats.

  4. I usually experience all of those stages all within a five minute time span! You'd think I was hormonal or something! :)

    Happy 4th!

  5. I have a continuous love/hate relationship with everything I write.

    I see Stormy is ready to party down to celebrate Independence Day!

  6. Not been there yet, but you can do it :)

  7. I am currently experiencing the exact same thing. I guess I need to find my big girl panties too. Good luck with the editing.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear you are in a "meh" stage right now! Remind yourself that EVERYONE who has ever written anything has felt this way at one time or another. I often feel all these stages in a single day, and my husband often complains of whiplash from all my waffling moods. We writers are tough as nails, but we can also be so fragile sometimes! Sending good thoughts your way!

  9. At least you're going to your laptop every every morning, meh or no meh. So , in a day coming soon, the meh will go away and you'll be right back on track with a newly lit fire to get your book out there for us to read! :)

  10. I finally gave up critique groups; they shut me down. I thought I was just a spoiled brat who couldn't take criticism until I read that multi-published author Robin Lee Hatcher feels the same way. What works best for me is to finish the book, then send it to a trusted reader or two. They get the whole picture and can critique accordingly. Remember, there's a difference in critiquing your work and REWRITING your work. Do what works for YOU!

  11. Hi Heather! I didn't know that factoid about July 2nd--thanks for sharing. I like how you compared the stages of writing to the stages of grief. Do you think it's time to work on another project for a while? I hope your writing mojo comes back soon.

  12. I know that feeling, so I can sympathize. It hits me in the editing stage too. All you can do is force yourself to get through it. It has to be done. Just think: you're almost all the way done! :)

    We had a great Fourth today! Hope you did too. :)

  13. I think it's totally normal to love what you write & not want to change it. It takes a while to come to terms with the need to make changes. But just remember, when you do revise & rewrite, you'll love that, too!

  14. I liken the "lacklust" with writing to stopping a gym routine. When you're working out on a regular basis you feel wonderful! But take three weeks off and see how easy it is to get back into the habit.

    The first step to fixing a problem is understanding its roots, and you've clearly done that. I'm confident you'll bounce back and love it again in no time :)

  15. The acceptance is probably the hardest stage to come to.

    It can take a while to get into edits, but I'm sure you'll get there. :)

  16. Hey Heather! I know just how you feel. It's daunting. Really and truly daunting and stressful. This last time around I got feedback from 3 different CP/betas and was overwhelmed with what needed to be done. BUT! I divvied up the feedback and took it one at a time, reminding myself there was no hurry and I'd go chapter by chapter. It helped takes some of the weight off my shoulders.
    I think acceptance comes in time, just like with anything. We have to convince ourselves that it will be ok. That teh world does not hang in the balance, and there is no hurry. :)

  17. I don't think any of us want to make changes to our WIPs. We have reasons it's like that -- it makes sense that way. But when we hear the same concerns from a number of critters, we must admit maybe things need to be changed. *sigh* Then we just have to force ourselves to do it.

  18. I hate being in the "meh" stage. But sometimes it's so easy to tell yourself what your writing doesn't matter. It's then when you have to remember that the aliens will never read your stuff if you don't write it. The aliens are the important part to remember. :)

    I'm over from the IWSG this week. Nice to meet you.

  19. Karen – Alex is pretty awesome. I hope we both break out soon.

    Tonja – So true. Thank you!

    DL – Hormonal? Yeah, maybe that’s it!

    Carol – Me too. I don’t want to hate it. I want to finish it!

    Anna – Thanks! I appreciate that.

    Murees – Thank you! Wearing mine now!

    LisaAnn – Me too! You put that all very succinctly! Thank you.

    Michael – That would be awesome. Waiting patiently for that. : )

    Jess – Yeah. I’m not the critique group type. I only send to a few people I can really trust. Thank you!

    Jennifer – Hello! Just trying to spread a little history! It would be great to put this aside but I really want to get on with it. Get it out there. I’ve got to know if this is worth doing any more or not. Thanks so much for coming by.

    Christine – You’re so right. I just have to get it done. Thank you.

    Nancy – I sure as hell hope so. Thanks, Nancy.

    randi lee – That sounds exactly like what I’m talking about. I’m looking forward to the bounce back! Thanks!

    Cherie – Thank you. I sure hope so!

    Pk – Hello! I do believe you get my problem. I feel like if I don’t hurry I won’t ever get it out of my house though. Thank you for your feedback!

    Lexa – Welcome! You’re so right. It’s just hard.

    Brent – Hello! The Aliens! How did you know about the Aliens? Thanks for stopping in!

    Thanks for all the sound advice and support guys! You’re always there when I need you most!

  20. I've definitely been through those stages, but mostly when writing new words. I love editing, though I have a manuscript in need of some major work right now, which is daunting.
    I hope you've reached acceptance, Heather. If not, I hope you're well on your way.

  21. Susan - Workin' on it. Working very hard. Thanks for the support!

  22. edits go on forever!
    havent i told you? i hate editing! you never know when you're done!
    but blogging friends keep us going =)
    hope your 4th was happy


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