Monday, October 1, 2012

And the voting has begun! Come see!!

I'm so excited!!

Bursting with pride and confidence!

Ready to take on the world with my awesome novel!

Are you buying any of this?

Okay. I'm ready to beg.

Please...please...please...VOTE FOR ME!

Here is my pitch and entry!

And because I don't trust Blogger to post my link:

There should be a red 'VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY' box on the page.

You can only vote for one entry per day.

If you don't vote for mine, I would never, ever, never hold it against you!

After you vote you will see this message: 'Your vote has been counted. Please check back tomorrow for another chance to vote for your favorite first chapter and pitch!'

I can't tell you how much it would mean to me if you guys would read my entry and vote for me if you like it.

If you do vote for me, well, thank you from the bottom, middle and very tip top of my heart.

I'll be begging and pleading for the next 9 days.

Also this week, October 3, is Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group post! Got anything insecure you want to share with us? Head on over to Alex's blog and join us!

Did you check out Nancy S. Thompson's book trailer from my last post?


  1. Of course I would vote for yours! Off to do that now, Heather.

  2. Just voted! Can I do that everyday?

  3. Alex - Thank you so much! Your support is greatly appreciated.

    Nancy - Yes! Yes you can! Thank you! You know, if I get a lot of votes, I may have to beg and throw money at you to look over the rest of the book in a hurry! :) :) :)


  4. I'm heading there right now. :)

  5. I read this and voted last night. It's AWESOME!!!

  6. Voted! Good luck, Heather!

  7. Dana - Thank you so much!

    Carol - You rock! Thank you!

    Susanne - I appreciate that! Thank you!

    You guys are the best!


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