Friday, October 26, 2012

One pint low - chocolate high!

No, not that kind of pint!

I've been scarce this week and I apologize for that.

It's been crazy busy. 

The Auxiliary hosted a blood drive yesterday where we collected 44 pints of blood and gave out bags and bags of candy.

(I donate just for the little packages of Lorna Doone's.)

We've just begun planning and booking our Auxiliary holiday shopping spree we hold each year. 

At least another ten days before we hear anything about the contest and I'm eating chocolate like it's keeping me alive.

Husband is coming home from a three week trip tonight.

And we are preparing for the 'Perfect Storm' here in New York State...again.

I can't decide if rain or snow would be better.

Guess I will have to dust off Stormy so he can report from the front porch.

Not much writing accomplished this week but I've spent a lot of time thinking about my characters and what kind of people they are.

I've taken some notes which is different for me but with so much going on I didn't want to forget my ideas.

How's writing going for all of you?

Will you be participating in any of the cool blogfests and hops coming up?

Donate blood lately?

Come back on Monday when Nancy S. Thompson joins us for her Blog Tour of The Mistaken! 



  1. Hey Heather,

    I always think it's great that somebody apologises for not being around much. As for me, I actually apologise for writing a blog posting.

    I'm wishing you well, when the moment moves you, to do some more writing. My writing is for therapeutic and cathartic reasons I share with others in hopes they might find comfort or understanding in what I write.

    I stay away from blog hops, blogfests. I just do my own thing. All the best to those who do participate.

    I wish I could still donate blood. Alas, I am too ill to donate.

    Nice to know that Nancy will be visiting your site. May you have a peaceful weekend.

    Gary :)

  2. Chocolate, oxygen, chocolate... That's a hard choice. I'm praying Sandy spares you right coast types. Hopefully it's nothing but hype. Can't wait for my stop over at your digs on Monday! Stay safe this weekend. You're in my prayers.

  3. I'm going through a writer's block so my writing has been not going so well :(

    But I do love chocolate. Chocolate is the best thing to eat when I'm feeling low - love it!

    Can't wait until the Mistaken tour is here! Exciting! I'll bere here on that day :)

  4. Bet you'll be happy to see your husband! Glad the blood drive was successful. And looking forward to Nancy's post.

  5. Congratulations on your blood sharing- I try frequently but am always too low in iron. My father was a regular donor and I always wanted to follow his example. Even after a month spent living on red meat and spinach I was a borderline case and had to beg the nurse to take a pint. I like your stance on zombie rights- not something I'd thought about before :-)

  6. Gary - Thanks for stopping in. It's just as important to encourage people to donate as it is to actually donate. I hope to see you on Monday!

    Nancy - I know. It really is a tough choice! Monday is going to rock!

    Livia - Writer's block ends! I swear! It does! Keep at it. You're brain may be telling you something is wrong w/ what you are writing and you need to change something or it may just need a rest. Don't give up!

    Alex - Thank you, thank you! It's so nice to have him home! See you Monday!

    Lily - I'm not a Dr. but I've always been borderline low iron. It's really something to have checked especially if you're always tired. Iron pills are a better choice w/ such low iron numbers. I understand well what's it's like. Thanks for coming by!


  7. Good-luck with all the preparations. It sounds like you deserve to be eating chocolate, so enjoy.

  8. Stormy might be busy the next two days. Thankful it didn't hit NC, but it's going to make landfall somewhere.

  9. Murees - Thank you! Yes, need more chocolate!

    L. Diane - He is! Come visit on Facebook if you like!



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