Monday, October 22, 2012

Enough about me...check out these people!

I's unusual for me to NOT talk about myself for five minutes...BUT...I have news from many fronts to share with you!

Friends...countrymen...other, people I may know...

Tara Tyler from Tara Tyler Talks has signed a book contract! She's on her way to being...duh..duh...duhhhhhh...a published author!!!

Let's give her all the support we can.


And then...the lovely and talented, Nancy S. Thompson! She's in the midst of her first Blog Tour for The Mistaken!

The Mistaken Blog tour:

10/23:  Julie Musil
10/25:  Matthew MacNish
10/26:  LG Smith
10/27:  Aimee Jodoin
11/19:  Arlee Bird

What's that? You see my name on the list? YES! That's because she's coming here to visit with us a week from today!


And then...I went to visit Sir Alex this morning and he has a new Blogfest in the works for November!

Check out Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog for more information and to sign up!


All kinds of things going on that I've posted on the right hand sidebar. Please check them out. It's a great way to make friends.


Weekend is over. I had some much needed down time and then last night my head began to fill with new story ideas for the second book in the Maguire's Corner series.

It's not where I thought I was heading but I'm certainly not going to argue with my head. I'd sound like a crazy person if I did. So, I'm just going to go with it and see where it takes me. 

Hope you all had a lovely fall weekend. The leaves are dropping leaves do in the fall around here.



  1. Excited for Nancy and Tara and thanks for mentioning the blogfest!
    Never argue with your own mind. You'll always lose.

  2. Yay for Tara! Very excited for her. Big things up ahead for her. I love the idea behind that blogfest. And it's being hosted by my favorite blogmen. I'm in total heaven! Thanks again for the shout out, Heather. I could not do this without the love & support or my friends, like you. Big (((hugs)))!

  3. Thank you for all the info! Congrats with deciding to do a follow up to Maguire's Corner. It is so odd how the muse just pushes you around, huh? She shoves me around all the time.

  4. Its great to see Stormy again! Its great to hear of the news of other bloggers success with their releases.

  5. I'm very excited for Tara. That's such great news for her. And best of luck to Nancy!

    I love it when my head (muse?) takes over a story I'm writing and directs it somewhere I wasn't expecting. It's terrifying and exciting all at the same time.

  6. Thanks for the info Heather... there is SO much going this fall.

    Love the pic of Stormy and the pumpkins.

    Glad to see another novel is stirring in the depths of your mind. Do go where you mind takes you.

    In the middle of my second m/g fantasy novel, I dropped it like a hot brick and wrote another completely different genre/novel. (edgy y/a contemporary) I never did return to the second of my fantasy series. Some day. Now another genre is calling. FIlm Noir. Talk about an eclectic crazy mind.. LOL.

  7. A visiting I will go... :)

    Thanks for the homework assignment!

  8. I'm very excited for Nancy and Tara! Woot, they're putting their dreams in motion! Can't wait until the blogfest - it's gonna be a fun party with you all! :)

  9. Alex – I have to agree. I will lose!

    Nancy – You are well worth the time and effort!

    L. Diane – Very cool!

    Murees – Muse is certainly in charge this time around. I can’t argue!

    Stephen – Thanks! Yes, it is great news!

    M.J. – I love going back to read old stuff and saying… I wrote that? That’s good!

    Michael – Best of luck! Sounds like you have your hands full!

    Liz – Absolutely! Thanks for coming!

    Livia – Welcome! I agree! I love the ‘fests’!

    Thanks for the visit everyone!


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