Monday, March 4, 2013

Spelunking without a spotter.

1. Hi.

2. I have been in the writing cave. It's going well. I can't/won't/shouldn't say anymore than that.

3. I fixed some of my Blogger issues. Apparently I had my Firefox Browser settings set to not accept 'third party cookies'. I would have thought that was a good thing. (Although I really like cookies.) Once I changed the setting I have been able to post comments on blogs again. How nice for me.

4. Maguire's Corner has been edited and updated and it's back out there. We shall see.

5. Anyone want to come to the Excelsior Hose Co. #1 St. Patrick's Day Dinner? If that's your thing, you should come!

6. These...

Delivered on Sunday to my house. There's even a few left!

7. What's up with you? 


  1. Always say yes to cookies!
    I'm not sure which of those is funnier. The second one is real though - Firefly!

  2. Smart cookie! *cringes at the bad pun*

  3. The second image brought Firefly to mind. So, naturally, the third image made me think, "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" LOL

  4. Love the cat! My two black cats do that.

  5. Ugh, cookies are the worst. Or the best. Just depends on if you can eat them or not. I love the kitty meme. Having a new kitty in the house, I experience it nightly. I'm so glad to hear you're still pushing for MC. My fingers are cross for you! As for me? I'm writing lots everyday. Now, off you write the IWSG post.

  6. I was in the writing cave, but have now emerged.All the best with your book :)

  7. i'm going to recommend everyone change to pop up comments, at least for a to z, those embedded ones make you wait twice as long! glad you are good!

    and those pics are fabulous, my fave is the dinosaur,
    reminds me of meet the robinsons =)


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