Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stormy's Bucket List - I - Blogging from A to Z!

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Stormy's Bucket List
I - Introducing...Sparks!

Sparks the Fire Gnome was a Christmas...miracle.

Stormy, D-Rizzle, Sparks.
Some of you may have met him back in January when we had the Gname that Gnome Gnome Gpoll.

But, for those of you who are unfamiliar I thought you might like to see him, out of the box, where's he's been since January, in the back of the closet, under something heavy.

No, he wasn't on my bucket list but he was a great addition to our little gnome family.

Sparks, say hello!

Hello! Thanks for taking me out of the box, Stormy.
It's really dark in there!

It's nice to meet so many good looking people!
Yep, I'm lookin' at you!

Stop flirting with the bloggers, Sparks.
Sorry, Stormy. I'm just so lonely.


  1. I think you guys would love to visit Gnomesville in south Western Australia ;)

  2. What Alex said! Sparks has been lonely for too long. ;)

  3. *blushes* Oh, stop it Sparks :D

    The little gnome family is slowly growing!

    Writing Through College

  4. Sparks needs friends or a dragon hug, hahaha. :)

  5. those two gnomes are just adorable. and i happen to be writing about gnomes, too!

  6. Sparks looks set to be a rising Internet superstar! :)

    Left and Write

  7. Give Sparks his own Facebook page. Let him gather some love. Or at least some Likes.

  8. Aww.. Poor lonely Sparks.. Glad he got some time out and about!

  9. time for nice weather and being outside! glad sparks came out of the closet too... uh yeah

  10. Can Sparks Fly . . . . . . .HAH HAH AH HAHHAH AH hah ah ha hah ah hah ah hah ah hah ahah hahaha ha

  11. Hi, Sparks! And you, too, Stormy!

  12. Alex - Probably. :)

    Trisha - That sounds awesome!!

    Dana - Poor gnome. :(

    Samantha - He like college girls!!!

    Mary - Thank you! He is cute.

    Jeremy - Are you ok? (he he he)

    Al - Dragon friends are the best!

    nutschell - Thank you! Are you? It's a good topic!

    Mark - Ha! He would love that!

    LD - Not a bad idea. :)

    ayjay - Yeah, he needed a visit!

    Tara - Oh boy. Yes! Nice weather!

    Rob - *rimshot

    Andrea - They truly are. :)

    Carol - Thank you for coming! I'll tell them you said hi!

    Thanks everyone!

  13. Hey Sparks,

    Fidelina the beautiful fairy princess has a sister named Venetia. Venetia is single and needs a date :)

    Happy alphabeting, Stormy.

    The wee folks friend,

    Gary :)

  14. Gary - Venetia? Sounds very pretty. I'll let Sparks know but how could we ever get them together when we are on opposite sides of the 'pond'?



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