Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A funny thing happened on my way to a review site....

First, let me say thanks to those of you who stopped by and said a nice word on Monday. I hope I didn't come across sounding too depressing but your words of encouragement did make me feel better so maybe I was more down in the dumps than I thought I was. is much better. Thanks.


On that same note, I'd like to share a little story.

I read a great book the other day.

Recently, I've read so many crappy ones that this one seriously stood out as well done and I really enjoyed it. I wrote a short & sweet review, put one up on Amazon and one on Goodreads. 

I took a moment to check out the other comments on Goodreads about the book. Most were kind and favorable. Then there was this huge nasty-ass review. 

I get it, I do, we're all entitled to our opinion.

If you spent money on a book, feel free to review it. But, come on, do you have to rip it to shreds cause you didn't like it?

Do you have to write a review almost as long as the book, with gifs and extra punctuation, telling everyone every little detail of the story you thought didn't work? 

I guess that just makes certain people feel better about themselves.

The time and energy it must have taken them to write all that hate, perhaps they could have used that time and energy more wisely.

Hate is just hate. There's nothing pretty about it.

But, here's the thing. There's that little 'like' button on each review. This same angry ranter had a lot of 'likes' where as the five star reviews didn't have any 'likes'.

So, I think it's up to us to make sure when we are on Goodreads or Amazon or any other review site, that if we enjoy a good book, to not only take a moment to tell people by writing a review (which can be short & sweet) (not sure why the current trend is for everyone to write a book report) but to also hit a few 'likes' on other people's reviews.

Story over. Thanks for listening.


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  1. That's sad the bad review had so many likes. You do have to wonder about some people - they pour so much energy into being negative.

  2. I've often found that the most negative reviews on GR tend to attract the most 'likes', and it's a shame. It's also a shame that some people seem to enjoy writing negative, snarky reviews, especially if the author gave them a copy of their book for free or if they won it in a competition at the author's expense (unfortunately, this has happened to me - but thankfully I have some lovely, positive reviews to make up for it!). I definitely approve of taking the time to 'like' positive reviews - supportive reviews need love too! :)

  3. I love it when, after a stretch of not-so-great books, you find one that breaks that streak.

    Too bad about the negative reviews getting more love than the good reviews.

  4. That's a very good idea, and I hadn't really thought about it before. I take reviews on GR with a grain of salt - a BIG grain of salt. There's a "wilding" mentality over there, people write caustic reviews and all their friends applaud and egg them on. It's childish and sickening. I don't really get why GR is popular. 90% of readers don't even know it exists.

  5. There are trolls everywhere, unfortunately. You're right that its up to us to give the good reviews the traffic they deserve. I do also thing that averages make a huge difference- multiple good reviews will drown out the one or two lousy ones. And if every time we read a book we love we write about it the numbers will add up.

  6. I didn't stop by on Monday... I am terrible... so I give you a song that has nothing to do with anything. It's more the name of the band that will make you smile, if you think about so...

    Rollin' with the Watt!
    by The Travelin' Dangle-berries

  7. oh there is a trick to the bad reviews and likes on them, good ones too. I'd be willing to bet the angry ranter used the under handed trick too.

  8. I think the 'bad review' has almost become its own art form for some people. They try to out do each other and get those likes! It's weird.
    I've reached the point in my life where if I'm not enjoying a book I don't finish it, (there are too many on my TBR list to waste my time!) And if I don't finish it I don't leave a review at all. So only good reviews from me. :)

  9. What a shame. I really haven't heard great things about goodreads lately because of all the "trolls."

  10. This makes me sad. As a writer I hate to see people "liking" a bad review, it kind of feels like piling on to me. I don't hang out at Goodreads while I'm writing something new, because the negativity messes with my creative process. Learned that lesson the hard way!


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