Monday, December 16, 2013

Just keep swimming...

I had a whole post ranting about my crazy life written a few minutes ago but I deleted it.

Sometimes, I feel like that's all I ever write about on the blog.

Instead, I'll just say, it's Monday.

As long as we're still breathing we can keep moving forward.


It's National Chocolate-covered Anything Day.

You know what to do.


  1. I'll cover my wife in chocolate tonight! (Hey, we're married - it's legal.)
    Just keep swimming, Heather.

  2. Laughing at Alex's comment.

    And I had no idea that it was Chocolate Covered Anything day. I'm going to get some chocolate and cover it in chocolate.

    Because it's Monday.

    Hang in there.

  3. haha oh the chocolate is going to be kinky indeed haha

    Have to just keep on a going

  4. If only I still ate chocolate.

    Heather, you mentioned on my blog last Friday that you liked my main character's name. You'll get a kick out of this - the other main character is M. (Mark) Gardner. No kidding!

  5. LOL @ M.J. Field - chocolate covered in chocolate! Sounds delish!!!


  6. For real? That's a day? That is awesome!
    Hopefully Tuesday will be kinder to you than Monday. :)

  7. oo I didn't know it was chocolate day!! What a fb excuse to consume some. :)

    And yes "just keep swimming" is a phrase writers prolly use all the time.

    Love your PIF list!! Just added to it. :)

  8. I should have asked you guys to provide pictures of what you were going to cover in chocolate!

    HA! That would be great.

    Thank you, my friends, you always make me feel better.

  9. Chocolate covered anything day? Geez, I think every kind of food has a day at this point...

  10. You had me at chocolate. Hope you had fun covering everything in chocolate.

  11. I think people can't help looking back over their successes/failures at the end of the year. It's easy to get a bit melancholy if you're a writer 'coz the biz is tough. But you're right - we keep going! :-)

  12. Wait, was it chocolate covered day or week? Please say week! Maybe a hug from Stormy would help?

  13. I missed a special day dedicated to chocolate? :( Darn it!


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