Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Name. That. Book! (Seriously, I need some help.)

Hello my blog friends. I posted the information below on my Facebook Author Page yesterday. I need some help with the new title for Maguire's Corner. Anyone interested in putting me out of my misery?

Hmmm. Knowing that some of you write suspense/thrillers/murder mysteries, maybe I shouldn't have phrased it like that. 



Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well! I've got a challenge of sorts for all of you.

As most of you know, my first book, Maguire's Corner, will be re-released early next year. In order to keep it from getting lost on any sales sites, we will be changing the name and using A Maguire's Corner Novel as the series title.

But, the new name is eluding me. So, I need your help. I want you to help me pick a name from a list of potentials and/or to post your own entry for a name.

Note: Some of the titles on the list have already been used as book titles (according to Amazon), some of these are song lyrics, and some of these have already been snubbed by my 'editors'.

If you like a title, please let me know.

If you like a title, but want to change it slightly or if you have your own title idea, please share it with me.

When we have picked a title for MC, I will choose a winner, from all the helpful comments, to win an e-copy of my new book, One Good Catch, coming out in the spring!

Sound like fun?

Here is the potential list:

One to Trust

Already Falling

Catch my Breath

Anymore to Give

Where You Are

The Heart Brings You Back

As Long As it Takes

Trying Not To Love

One to Hold My Heart

Already Home


  1. I like Already Falling. Or Already Home.
    If you can pick a unique name then there will be no competition when someone does a search on Amazon.

  2. Can't believe it but I picked Already Falling also. I'm not sure you should use any with a pronoun in them.

  3. I like One to Hold My Heart. It's the alliteration.


  4. I really like The Heart Brings You Back. Good luck selecting! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  5. I like Catch My Breath because it ties in with Book Two, One Good Catch. Either that or Already Falling.
    <3 you sweetie!


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