Monday, October 6, 2014

Last day for the Say Cheese for a SHELFIE! Blogfest!

Today (10/6) is the LAST DAY to enter the SHELFIE SELFIE BLOGFEST!
Winners will post on October 7!


  1. Nice shelfies, Stormy (and friends).

  2. Thanks for the reminder to enter! I just did. Can't waste a perfectly good selfie.

  3. i havent been here in a while - sorry!

    so i went back a couple...
    self promotion is a drag, you're right, i hate talking about myself and fear people will think i'm bragging. i never bring up my writing to friends, i let them ask, then i gush =) it's hard when it's always on my mind...

    and i love the Cowboy Up set of books - sweet, western romances! cool!

    thanks for helping with the shelfie contest! i thought about posting my kindle shelf too! I still might... it was a fun fest!

  4. I LOVE your shelfie contribution! Really cool...and Stormy adds a lovely touch!

  5. Awesome photos, Heather! I love the gnome theme you have going on=) Cute!


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