Monday, October 20, 2014

Bucket List Blog Hop! - Have you voted for a new book title yet?

~~ At one time or another we have all experienced the loss of a loved one or know someone who has had to go through a life threatening illness. Sometimes that makes us reevaluate our lives and what we want to accomplish before we die. Some people make a bucket list to help them rethink about what is important to them.

What's a bucket list? Simply put, it's a list of things that a person wants to see or do before they die or "kick the bucket". 

To participate, all you have to do is post your bucket list to your blog on Monday, October 20, 2014. If you want to add the picture to your blog post or sidebar, just copy and paste.

This blog hop is being co-hosted by Sherry Ellis at Mama Diaries
 and Susanne Drazic at Putting Words Down on Paper. ~~

A bucket list.

Well, I don't really have one. Not a formal one, anyway.

Of course, there's stuff I want to do. But, I never really wrote them down.

Stormy the Weather Gnome did. In fact, the 2013 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge was all about Stormy's giant bucket list.

Me? I keep things pretty low-key.

But, for the Hop, I will do my best to share a few things I would love to do before I kick said bucket. :)

**Travel across the great U. S. of A.**

This country is really amazing and I haven't seen very much of it. I would love to get in an RV to see this grand nation of ours.

**Visit Ireland.**

Yes, I would really love to check out Ireland. And not just the touristy spots, but the lovely Irish countryside and places that only the locals frequent.

**Drive REALLY fast.**

I don't think I have a death wish, but I would love to drive a really fast car in some sort of race one day.

**See my book(s) in a bookstore.**

I was close. I even got a few in the library. But, the elusive bookstore will just have to wait until 2015.

**Adopt a German Shepard.**

One day, when we have the space and funds, I would love to get a Shepard. I mention German Shepard, but I know there are a few breeds that we would love just as much. Just as long as I could use the dog as a blanket, I'll be happy.

So, that's a good start, right?

What's on your Bucket List?


The Name. That. Book! (Seriously, I need some help.) Contest is going strong!

Have you voted yet? Vote! Have a new title suggestion? Share!

I'm still looking for just the right name for Maguire's Corner. 

Here is a list of the entries and how many votes they have so far!

Trying not to love - 1
Anymore to give - 1
Someone to trust - 1
Already home - 6
The heart brings you back - 2
One to trust - 1
Maggie's choice - 1
Maggie's place - 2
One to hold my heart - 2
As long as it takes - 1
Already falling - 5
Catch my breath - 1
Mag & Chief - 1


  1. Loved the list, especially the one about the German Shepherd. had two in my life and they were amazingly sweet and wonderful dogs and made great blankets! Had poodles, too, and they rule the house:)

  2. Hi, Heather. I think you have some cool things on your bucket list. We had a german shepherd when we were growing up. He was the best dog ever.

  3. Great list! I'd like to visit Ireland, too!

  4. Visiting Ireland would be really cool. I bet it's beautiful there. Maybe I can tuck myself into gnome's suitcase.

  5. I like your list. I'm not having any more dogs though. The death of the last one broke my heart even though he had a long, happy life. But I'd love to see Ireland.

  6. That should be doable, so go ahead and go realise your dreams :)

  7. I lived in London but never made it to Ireland.
    I see the titles I liked the most are in the lead. That rarely happens you know!

  8. That book title poll looks like an album track listing! I missed Ireland last I was in the UK, but you've gotta leave something as an excuse to go back right?

  9. You're totally going to get into the bookstore in 2015. Totally. I love it when people have an actual plan on their bucket list. Half of mine has disappeared as my hubby and I live our dreams, and I think it's the only way to go.

  10. Ireland is on my list, too! :D And I am voting for Already Falling. It has a nice ring to it. :)

  11. I like the drive really fast. Sounds like a good release for thoughts and actually may bring to you a new name for Maguire's Corner.

  12. Thanks for participating in the Bucket List blog hop! Do you want to adopt my German Shepherd for about a week? He'd be happy to be a fur blanket for you! (And after you see all the hair he leaves around your house, you'll be happy to return him!) ;0)

  13. My Harper was part Malinois (Belgian Shepherd). He was like a huge furry electric blanket.


  14. I've been to Ireland once and would love to go back. I hope you get to go; it's as green as they say!

    As for voting for the book title, I like 'Someone to Trust'

  15. Catherine - They are a popular dog.

    Susanne - Thank you! It was a fun HOP!

    Jackie - Road trip!

    SA - You just might fit in there! Thanks for coming!

    Susan - It is heartbreaking to lose our beloved pets.

    Vanessa - One day at a time.

    Alex - Great minds, Sir! Great minds!

    sjp - Yeah, I do steal me some lyrics. :) Yes! Go back!

    Crystal - You've been having such fun lately! I hope you're crossing lots of stuff off!

    Chrys - It does look wonderful! Thanks for the vote!

    A Katy Did Gig - I hope so! Thank you!

    Sherry - Yes. I want him! It's okay. I've got 4 cats. Thanks for the great blog hop!

    Janie - I love that! Thank you!

    Susan - I knew it! Thank you and thanks for the vote!


  16. I like the bucket list, especially the part about adopting a German shepherd. It's often more difficult for dogs like that to get adopted because of negative stereotypes about them; however, dogs have proven again and again that they can be gentle and sweet as long as their owners are gentle and sweet (which I know you would be). Once I get a place that allows dogs, I'm going to adopt a dog too; it'd have to be a smaller one, though, since I'll probably still be living in an apartment.

  17. Great list! Yours is similar to mine. I don't want anything huge... except a trip to England and seeing my book in a bookstore seems huge to me right now. =P

  18. Fabulous bucket list! I have some of the same ones! I've always wanted a German Shepherd too (we had one as a kid and he found my little brother when he was lost) :)

  19. "The heart brings you back" - Tome Petty lyrics. I think. Darn, just googled, it's Blues Traveler.

    One to Hold my Heart- I like that. Or Already Falling. That's a tie.

    Great bucket list. Can't say that I've been in a formal race, but I have driven a car at over 100mph on a road without a speed limit. It was fun. I should toss in that my grandpa helped teach me to drive, and that he was a professional racecar driver for a few years.

  20. Hi Heather. My thanks for stopping by Pen and Paper, it was nice meeting you.

    what a great list you have, I can certainly recommend Ireland. I thought it a beautiful country, its people incredibly friendly. I guess I'm lucky in that I only live a short flight away.

    Interesting reading the contenders for the book title competition. For what its worth I quite like Someone To Trust.

  21. Neurotic - I think Shepards are amazing dogs. One day. Thanks for coming.

    Christine - It would be huge for us. It will happen. It will happen. :)

    Kimberly - That's the best story! Thanks for coming.

    J. Lenni Dorner - Thanks for the votes. Driving that fast sounds awesome! Great teacher, too.

    Tracy - Yeah. It's a little far for me now, but not forever!

    Thanks everyone!

  22. Hi Heather!
    I've heard lots of great things about Ireland.
    I vote - As long as it takes. (the title has a certain ring to somebody who is "in-it-for-the-long-haul" kinda thing?)
    I have a German Shepherd/Timbre Wolf hybrid...he has an amazing temperament! They are the best!

  23. I love to drive fast!

    I like Already Home.

  24. Ireland is so beautiful. Wonderful list. We have some overlap (the travel) but the driving fast has no interest here. Sorry I am so late to participate in this hop.

  25. Michelle - I guess I'm not the only one who wants to go to Ireland! It was popular! Thanks for the visit and the vote!

    L. Diane - I drive fast, but I know I can go faster! :) Thanks for the vote.

    Rhonda - Never too late. Thanks for coming by!


  26. I love your bucket list! Especially the German Shepherd one. I just adopted my kitten from a shelter a couple of months ago and all I can think about is going back and rescuing all the animals--i go on the website every day and look at all those faces!


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