Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The word you're looking for is ... befuddled.

You ever have one of those days?

You think you should be doing something really important, but you can't remember what?

You check your lists and your notebook and your calendar, but nothing jumps out at you?

You hope nothing goes terribly wrong, but you just get the feeling that all is not as it should be?

I'm having one of those days.

I might be wearing too many hats at the moment and now I'm suffering from delusions of grandeur.

I think I'm mighty and got it all going on.

It may just be agida.

I did find a lucky penny this morning, so let's hope that will help me get through the rest of the day unscathed.

Do you get those days? What do you do about them?


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  1. You made me laugh with "I think I'm mighty and got it all going on." LOL, you do, don't you? That was my impression. :D
    I hope the penny does get you through the day. I feel like I spend 99% of my days befuddled.

  2. I can't say I've ever had a day like that. Maybe you're just paranoid. Watching too much X-Files? ;)

  3. I have many a day like that. I've never known what to do about them, so if you figure it out, let me know!

    Hope that lucky penny holds out!

  4. I always have big plans to start the day but something gets lost along the way. Usually not something important though.

  5. so that's what makes awesome awesome! fantastic! and you are =) especially because you're such a great shouter outer! thanks so much!

    as for the anti/valentine must party, thanks for bringing bobby - what a hunka hunka! i people watched, but mostly bobby-watched! ha!

    happy hump day!

  6. I have had those days. Usually they end with me having forgotten something major and being up in the early hours to make up for it.

  7. Sometimes it happens to me, usually when I have a lot to do; it's hard to keep track of everything, so then I end up unsure of what to work on first.

  8. I have too many days like that, but I suppose that's life.

  9. Oh yes - and then when you finally realise what it was you HAD to do that was so important it's normally too late to do anything about it!! Whoops :( Hopefully, that lucky penny made all the difference :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  10. Totally get those days! I usually just buckle down and hope tomorrow is better. =)

  11. All the time. I think it's stress related. Sometimes it's helpful to make a list of everything you absolutely have to do that day and mark things off one by one.

    It keeps me focused, especially if I build in a timeframe.


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