Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Edit...edit...edit... DING!


I've been working on my manuscript...all the live long day!

Not really. Not the whole day.

I'm about half way through my gazillionth edit of Setting the Record Straight.

(That's the first book I wrote, in case you are new or behind on my bitch & moan sessions.)

I am pleased with the way it's shaping up.

I was reading all about Carina Press that I found out about through reading Christine Bell's Blog.

They have very interesting and dare I say welcoming submission guidelines for all types and lengths of manuscripts but for e-publishing only.

I may in fact be able to submit to them except for one little problem.

They won't allow you to submit to them and Harlequin at the same time since they are in fact an 'arm' of Harlequin.

I sent an actual paper submission to Harlequin back on June 17, 2010 with a SASE and have yet to hear back from them.

I sent Carina Press a note on their blog page asking if I should continue to wait for a response before I send a submission to them. I hope they respond.

They do say if you get rejected from HQN that you can indeed send your book to them. In fact they encourage it.

It all sounds exciting but I've been down this road before so I am not going to let the horse get ahead of the carrot or count the chickens in case they don't hatch or poke at the turtle while it's still in it's shell.

Yeah, I made that last one up.


  1. Made up or not, "poke at the turtle while it's still in it's shell" is the best one I've heard in ages. And way to go on edits with your first book! That's what I get to look forward to now. :-)

  2. Thanks Ella.

    I know it won't be the last edits but these are certainly the most important ones I have made to the book since I 'finished' it.


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