Thursday, January 27, 2011

Men should be like tissues... -- The 99th Page Blogfest/Hop Entry below

...soft, strong and disposable.

Yeah, I stole that, and changed it a bit, from Clue. Madeline Kahn, we are not worthy.

Trying to write about the new idea I had that I used in the blogfest the other day.

It's slow going.

I find I'm too caught up in the now and can't think big picture. I may have had the idea about a guy who is a werewolf but that is about it. There was no story in my head yet.

Not the best way to start out I suppose but I never meant for it to mean anything.

But, I like Caine. I like his scars. I like his pain. I pictured him right away as a wolf, his size, his coloring, his eyes.

I guess he got under my skin a bit and now I feel I owe it to him to get him on paper.

I'll keep trying.

On another note... 

Another interesting blogfest. [I think I may have a problem.] This idea was inspired from this web page, Page99Test, which I didn't know existed but very cool concept.

Post page 99 of your manuscript and see if anyone would want to turn the page.

Here is page 99 from my current (well, it was) work in progress Maguire's Corner.


“Where’s the stuff from the fridge?”
“I put it out in the garbage cans.”
“You just went out the side door there?” Jack asked pointing to the door off the kitchen.
“Do you not get that someone broke in to your house today and that they could still be lurking around?”
“Maggie, we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know if the break in had something to do with Mr. Harris or if it had something to do with you. What if you went out the door and there was someone waiting for you?”
“What do you want me to do, Jack? Never go outside again?”
“How about you use some common sense?” he snapped.
“Common sense? Just who do you think you are talking to?”
“Apparently to the girl who forgot someone tried to kill her the other day.”
“I didn’t forget. I can never forget. I now have the scars to remind me every day,” Maggie shot back.
“Then what are you doing?”
“Living! I’m not going to just hide inside my apartment for the rest of my days because some asshole missed."



  1. Good job, Heather. Sounds like you have some intrigue going on. Naturally we want to know why someone wanted to kill her.

  2. Wendy - Thank you. Looking forward to reading your entry!

  3. Very good tension! I'd keep reading to find out what is going on...and why she seems almost mad that whoever tried to kill her missed. Great job!

  4. Hasn't Maggie ever watched a scary movie? The kind of movies where the whole room of movie watchers shout in unison to the lovely, terrified heroine on the screen- "don't open the door!"
    Get that book back in production. It has such potential.

  5. I like Maggie's no-nonsense attitude. I'd read page 100 :D

  6. Holly - Thank you. And thanks for holding the Fest/Hop! I appreciate you stopping in.

    Suz - What fun would that be? I'll get back to it. I don't want to leave it unfinished, believe me.

    Alex - That is awesome to hear. Thank you. And thanks for coming by.

  7. Love the last line!

    Fear is more crippling than a car running you over. Good job, Heather.


  8. I'd keep reading...but first I'd flip back to the beginning to read the setup. I want to know what's going on!

  9. I love the last line too. Thanks for sharing.

    I also love that bit under your blog title. I gave up scrapbooking to write. I don't regret the move, but I might have more to show for the scrapbooking by now.

  10. My interest had definitely been piqued and I would keep reading! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for stopping by to read mine! Cheers!

  11. Michael - Thank you. I'll be over to see yours shortly.

    Mara - Glad to hear it! Thanks for coming!

    Jennifer - Thank you for that. Maggie doesn't mince words much.
    The scrapbook mention is a nod to my Mom. She is really the queen.

    Lisa-Marie - Thank you for saying so. I appreciate it. It was my pleasure.

    This has been so much fun so far. Must go read some more!

  12. I like this-- it's great to see dialog that flows. Technical prowess aside, I also really like the story. I write mysteries, and this is sounding pretty mysterious to me. right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'd flip to page 100 because I want to see how the scene closes out. One thing I thought was missing was a level of tension. (I know, totally contradicting Holly.) Would it be possible to tighten some of the dialogue to do this?

    Thanks for participating!

  14. Your dialogue moves this along so well. I feel like I've jumped right into the middle of the action. I thought the reactions of both characters were realistic given what you tell us here, and I'd keep reading ^_^

  15. It would make a good hook. Who is trying to kill her, how did they fulb it, why is she taking the trash out if he could be she daring him to take a second chance? Yes, next page please.

  16. That was amazing! I would read your novel, and I'm dying to know how Maggie and Jack got to this point! I love Maggie's spunk. I need more! Great job! :)

  17. You've done a good job with the dialog and building tension. You've also shown us a bit of their personalities. It's not my usual genre of choice, but I'd flip a few pages and give it another shot because of how well you presented the scene on this page.

  18. Hi,

    Absolutely brilliant! Yeh, I'd read on, but start from the beginning. ;)


  19. Wow. You guys are great for my ego!

    KO - I never thought of myself as a mystery writer, then I started this story. Now I'm having a little trouble deciding where to go. It's hard for me to plot but I'm sure it will be rewarding when I get there. Thanks for coming by.

    Alicia - I don't disagree with you. It needs a little something. Thanks so much for stopping in.

    Loralie - Thank you. I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you for reading!

    HowLynnTime - Thanks so much. Although I'm at a slight impasse I do like these characters and would like to get back to them and finish their story. Thanks for coming!

    Racquel - That is so nice. Maggie has a lot of spunk and I have to remind myself that she would do and say much more interesting things than I would. I appreciate you stopping in.

    Caroline - I'm glad to hear that. I always like to write dialogue more than the tidbits in between. It was nice of you to stop in.

    Francine - High praise and a great compliment. I appreciate it. Thank you.

  20. i LOVED LOVED LOVED the final line. Awesome. It's very dialogue, you might want to break it up with some description. But that's a personal choice.

    Thanks for joining in on the fun.

  21. That was like watching a verbal tennis match--I'd definitely want to read more. :)

  22. I like this. It screams strong, independent, kick-butt woman! I'd read on.


  23. Erinn - Thank you. It's funny actually, there was some description just before and after these lines but I couldn't include them due to the guidelines, but yes, it could use a little break. Thanks for hosting and thanks for coming by.

    Pam - I appreciate that. Thanks for stopping in!

    Marie - Maggie is a handful. I thank you for coming and reading my page.

  24. I really liked this entry. Good job with it and I wish you the best of luck with your book(s)!

  25. I like the argument--convincing dialogue is hard to pull off

  26. Ooh, I'm intrigued! And I love that last line! I'd definitely read on. :)

  27. erica & christy - That is very kind. Thank you so much!

    Red Boot Pearl - Thank you. I appreciate you stopping in.

    Meika - That is nice to hear. Thank you and thanks for coming.

  28. I like Maggie's bravado. That alone would keep me reading. I'm interested to know if someone is really out to get her and why.

    A few more details about the setting might ground the dialogue, some small observations about where the characters are in place.

    But either way, I'd read on.

  29. Perri - Thank you. I'm fond of Maggie.
    A few sentences before page 99 is the information you are looking for. I should have cheated! Thanks for coming.

  30. Nice page! I'd definitely keep reading.

    One thing... I don't know how much distance is meant by "attacked the other day" but it strikes me as recent - would she have wounds instead of scars? As in, she'd be saying "I'll have the scars to remind me..."

    I think Maggie's a really strong character, and I like what she shows in not being afraid of the baddie.

  31. Mo - Really good point.
    Maggie is pretty kick ass.
    Thanks for coming by.


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