Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now Showing Blogfest

Ran across the Now Showing Blogfest this morning.

I chose: S/he cried. 

Her eyes were hot, her unshed tears making them heavy, but not before she was finally alone did she allow herself to fold. Sinking to the cold basement floor, her black satin dress pooling around her legs, her sorrow spilled forth on silent sobs. Wrapping her arms around her body she waited for the pain to stop, so engulfed in her grief, she never heard him come in.


  1. Lots of lovely description and imagery. Thanks for joining in the blogfest :O)

  2. I can feel the pain and sadness. Nice cliffhanger too!

  3. Madeleine - Thank you. And thanks for hosting!

    Liz - I appreciate that.


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