Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge! --- *headdesk*

Wow. I just don't know what I was thinking but I signed up for this Blogfest today.
Luckily it's not until April. 
1 month - 26 blog posts - 1 for each letter of the alphabet.
I'll see if I can pull it off.
Arlee Bird from Tossing it Out is hoping to get 300 entries in. He is close to 100 now.

How does the Challenge work? 
The premise of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge is to post something on your blog every day in April except for Sundays.  In doing this you will have 26 blog posts--one for each letter of the alphabet.   Each day you will theme your post according to a letter of the alphabet.
You will only be limited by your own imagination in this challenge.  There is an unlimited universe of possibilities.  You can post essays, short pieces of fiction, poetry, recipes, travel sketches, or anything else you would like to write about.  You don't have to be a writer to do this.  You can post photos, including samples of your own art or craftwork.    Everyone who blogs can post from A to Z.


  1. Thanks for the mention! You made the right decision--it's going to be a great time and you'll be glad you did it. And the more who we have participating, the more fun we'll have so keep telling everyone you know about this.
    You have two months to start putting together topic posts so you can get a head start.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  2. Hi, Heather,

    I just wanted to thank you for becoming my 150th follower. I'll be giving you a shout out tomorrow on my blog, so please stop by.


  3. That's a clever premise for a blogfest. I like how the blogfests are becoming more and more interesting. I may have to check that one out. Thanks for the info, Heather!

  4. Arlee - I'm feeling pretty optimistic right now but I think that is because the challenge seems so far away! I will do my best to spread the word. Good luck!

    Michael - My pleasure! I was actually surprised I wasn't a follower already.

    Liz - I agree. It's not a one-hit-wonder challenge that's for sure. Serious commitment. Your welcome and I hope you join up too.

  5. Wow! A lot of emotion and conflict here. I would have commented last night except it was 11:30 and I was so tired, the words on the screen had started to blur together. :)

  6. Angela - I'm thinking you are referring to the Page 99 blogfest entry. If so, thank you so much. Such an odd experiment but I enjoyed it. Thanks for coming to my blog.


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